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A transmute is an individual entity possessing the ability to alter an item's (or person's) state by either physical contact or mental means.

Transmutes are a common trait of humanoids in the 25th century, and are attributed to changes in the subject's environment, including radioactive fall-out (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part I").

Each transmute has their own ability that relies specifically on changing an item from one state or another, including their own person. Each power has an Achilles' Heel that can be detrimental to the transmute themselves.

As with any other "normal" ability, transmutational ability is neither good nor bad, and its use is subject to the whims of those who wield the power.


The Kiss of Death

While not explicitly noted as a transmute, Kaleel is the first entity William "Buck" Rogers encounters with the ability to alter an individual's life by touch, referring to such action as any of the following: the "Touch of Truth," the "Kiss of God," or the "Kiss of Death." As Ryma discovers, Kaleel can only kill those who fear him, as he is able to transmute the victim's fear into a terminal force (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").

Molecular Transmutation

Molecular transmutation is another ability of transmutes. A second of these creatures Rogers meets is Varek, who has the ability to move himself (and anything physically touching his person) through solid objects or even energy beams from laser weapons. This power is attributed to the fallout from nuclear reactions warping his genetic structure (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part I", "The Plot to Kill a City, Part II").

Col. Cornell Traeger learns of transmutation from the Olvions that allows him to convert objects into other forms, such as silicone. He uses this ability as a means of committing murder, and thus must wear gloves in order to prevent the ability from being used accidentally; he eventually falls upon himself and, because he touches himself while employing this power, turns himself into silicone (BR25: "Happy Birthday, Buck").

Aliens in a humanoid form from Vela 5, Velis and Relcos, also demonstrate transmutational ability known as psychokinetic chemistry allowing them to convert metallic structures from one type to the other (BR25: "The Golden Man").

Personal Transmutation

Personal transmutation is also seen in those persons with split-personality disorder. In the case of Alison Michaels, she is unaware — beyond remembering brief instances and believing them to be nightmares — of a second, deadly personality called Sabrina. Michaels' boyfriend, Jalor Davin, is able to summon Sabrina by exerting intense mental stress upon Michaels. In the form of Sabrina, she is able to resist the effects of the light curtain and perform other feats of strength, while indulging in kleptomania. After Sabrina is discovered, Michaels undergoes therapy that eliminates the split-personality and its powers (BR25: "Cruise Ship to the Stars").