Joella Cameron

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Joella Cameron
[[Image:|200px|Joella Cameron]]
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Introduced The Plot to Kill a City, Part I
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Portrayed by Markie Post
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Joella Cameron in the separate continuity
Joella Cameron in the primary continuity
[[Image:|200px|Joella Cameron]]

Joella Cameron is one of Rafael Argus' many girlfriends, as well as the acquaintance of Sherese. Cameron is known for her association with a variety of ill-reputable men (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part I").

After William "Buck" Rogers impersonation of Argus is uncovered, Cameron travels with him to help prevent the Legion of Death from carrying out their plan to destroy New Chicago by sabotaging its contraterrene plant (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part II").