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Role Carrier of Dr. Theopolis
Sidekick to William "Buck" Rogers
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Portrayed by (Body) Felix Silla
Patty Maloney (3 episodes)
(Voice) Mel Blanc (first season, plus "The Crystals" to "Testimony of a Traitor")
Bob Elyea ("Time of the Hawk" to "The Golden Man")
Additional Information
Twiki in the separate continuity
Twiki in the primary continuity

Shall I order the ambuquad disassembled?
You ever have two broken arms, buster?

Twiki (pronounced twee-kee) is an ambuquad, a specialized robot made for performing manual labors. Built by an ambuquad facility in New Chicago, his name is an anthropomorphism derived from his alphanumeric designation TWKE-4.  His Serial Number is n22-23-t.

In 2491, he is assigned to convey Dr. Theopolis of the Computer Council in New Chicago, Earth (BR25: "Awakening").

Due to William "Buck" Rogers' 20th Century terminologies and references, as well as treating Twiki as a friend rather than servant, Rogers' personality traits and mannerisms imopress themselves upon Twiki.

For instance, Twiki has been known to ask others, such as Commander Royko (BR25: "Space Vampire"), to "Gimme five." Twiki's sense of humor also includes `threats' of `Tweaking' someone—pinching them with his metallic pincer-hands—if they annoy him.