Rafael Argus

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Rafael Argus
Rafael Argus
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Introduced The Plot to Kill a City, Part I
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Role Mercenary/assassin
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Portrayed by Victor Argo
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Rafael Argus in the separate continuity
Rafael Argus in the primary continuity
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Rafael Argus is a well-known assassin and mercenary in 2491 CE, with a penchant for womanizing yet somehow being able to both evade being positively identified and having his visage recorded in various databases.

Amongst his former conquests is Joella Cameron, an acquaintance of Sherese (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part I").

A few years prior, Barnard "Barney" Smith encounters Argus on Sutter's World (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part II").

Due to Argus' relative lack of information regarding identifying characteristics, Argus' nebulous identity is deemed a perfect cover for William "Buck" Rogers by the Earth Defense Directorate, after they become aware of his forthcoming induction into the Legion of Death. After a fight with Rogers in a tavern, caused by Rogers (under the alias of "Harper V") who creates a scene between himself and Argus for the express purpose of covering up Argus' abduction, Dr. Elias Huer's mind probe reveals the pertinent details relating to Argus' induction into the Legion (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part I").