Roderick Zale

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Roderick Zale
Roderick Zale
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Introduced Cosmic Whiz Kid
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Portrayed by Ray Walston
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Roderick Zale in the separate continuity
Roderick Zale in the primary continuity
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Roderick Zale is a political dissident with a hideout on Aldebaran II, who specializes in political abduction to advance his aims.

William "Buck" Rogers first encounters Zale when the dissident arranges the kidnapping of a 493 year-old, child super-genius Hieronymus Fox—the president of the planet Genesia—in order to extract a ransom of six thousand kilograms of pure quadrilium (BR25: "Cosmic Whiz Kid").

Greetings, Mr. President. My name is...
Your name is Roderick Zale. Your specialty is political abduction, and your modus operandi sticks out like a sore thumb. Half the galaxy probably knows you're the one who snatched me.
You're as perceptive as I was told.