Roderick Zale

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Roderick Zale
Roderick Zale
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Introduced Cosmic Whiz Kid
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Portrayed by Ray Walston
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Roderick Zale in the separate continuity
Roderick Zale in the primary continuity
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Roderick Zale is a political dissident with a hideout on Aldebaran II, who specializes in political abduction to advance his aims.

William "Buck" Rogers first encounters Zale when the dissident arranges the kidnapping of a 493 year-old, child super-genius Hieronymus Fox—the president of the planet Genesia—in order to extract a ransom of six thousand kilograms of pure quadrilium (BR25: "Cosmic Whiz Kid").

He is later considered as suspect in mysterious appearances of various objects in New Chicago circa 31 Deckel 2491 CE, but this is dismissed out of hand due to Zale's modus operandi (BR25: "A Blast for Buck").

Greetings, Mr. President. My name is...
Your name is Roderick Zale. Your specialty is political abduction, and your modus operandi sticks out like a sore thumb. Half the galaxy probably knows you're the one who snatched me.
You're as perceptive as I was told.