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Joe Who?

Joe Beaudoin Jr. is the webmaster and head honcho for the Battlestar Wiki and the Buck Wiki.

As with my previous endeavor, the Battlestar Wiki, I am responsible for starting the beast you see before you now; all the contributors and visitors are responsible for the beast's development and continual growth. This is very much a community-driven effort that has surpassed even my wildest expectations. With that in mind, I thank you all for your hard work and dedication! So say we all!


__ Develop .

Currently working on...

While I really leave all the day to day editing to the contributors, leaving me free to concentrate on major issues (such as policy and so forth, being the "senior chief"), I plan to work on the following:

__ Focusing on the audio-version of Battlestar Wiki
__ Adding sound content to the wiki, notably in the form of clips from the series.

  • Buck Wiki:Standards and Conventions (biographies) - Created out of the need to standardize biographies of cast and crew. Now being implemented on a wider-scale.
  • Buck Wiki:Image tagging policy - For the simple fact that many of the images on this wiki aren't organized at all, though most of them are used thanks to Steelviper's Buck Wiki:Island of Misfit Images.
  • Buck Wiki:Vandalism - You know, just in case some Toaster decides to vandalise pages... Look at what they did to the restaurant that Helo and Boomer were in. All that crockery... oh the pain, the pain.
  • Buck Wiki:Quality Articles - As the name might suggest, this is a project to ID quality pages and develop potential quality pages. The best of the best.
    • Buck Wiki:Site support - place to beg for donations, which will go towards paying for the hosting and for future upgrades; not that it's a burden, but I want to give people the option to give back in whatever way they feel is best -- and some people like to do it financially.
  • Buck Wiki:Think Tank - The incubator for wide-scale ideas to improve the wiki. If you wish to propose a project or new feature, this is where you need to do so. (I would honestly like more contributors to offer suggestions here, because there's always room for improvement.)
  • Galactica 1980 Article Improvement Drive. - Oh the pain, the pain.
Joe's Biography

I'm in California. For the second time in my life. It may be like Mars, were I Michael Alfredo Garibadi. Take that as you may.

While I do prefer that you just contact me on my talk page, I can be contacted by clicking the "e-mail this user" link in the toolbox, itself being on the left margin of this page.

At present, I have a MacBook Pro -- swearing off Windows-based machines for good, or so I hoped. I do use Windows machines here and there due to business reasons, but nothing beats a Mac in terms of ease of use.

I also have an XBox360 for gaming. Having beaten Mass Effect 3, I mainly play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on XBox Live.

P.S. Yes, you can edit my user page. I trust you. Besides, I can always undo your edits. :-)

Projects Currently Pending to Working On

__ Mobile version of Battlestar Wiki.

Articles Currently Working On

__ Content relating to separate continuity sources.
__ Props and other stuff. __ Add information obtained from production sources during auction.


BSG Wiki

Other Projects


My availability around here will be intermittent, mainly due to my involvement with life, the universe, and other things.


__ In R&D
__ Actively Working
__ Needs Review
__ In Limbo
__ Needs Comments
__ Finished

Quick Biography
Joe Beaudoin Jr.
Joe Beaudoin Jr.
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Name Joe Beaudoin Jr.
Date of birth
Age December 09, 1983
Age - 37
Location California
Country USA USA
Timezone GMT -7
Email webmaster /at/
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Callsign Variable: "Ranger One," Joe, Honcho, or "that fraktwit"
Parents Got those.
Siblings Got one of those as well.
Children None... that I know of.
Marital Status In a Relationship
Occupation Writer, Researcher
Rank Admiral
15px Star of Kobol
Joe Beaudoin Jr. is a Chief
Joe Beaudoin Jr. is a Senior Chief
Joe Beaudoin Jr. supported the 2007 WGA strike.