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Name Koori
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Introduced Time of the Hawk
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Marital Status Married to Hawk
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Portrayed by Barbara Luna
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Koori in the separate continuity
Koori in the primary continuity

Koori is Hawk's wife in 2492 CE.

In his blind lust for vengeance against Humans who slaughtered his tribe, Hawk rampages against all Terrans with the Earth Directorate ordering Capt. William "Buck" Rogers to pursue. After tracking Hawk to Throm and discovering Koori's association with Hawk, Rogers takes her aboard his Thunderfighter, but is not able to return her to Searcher as they are intercepted by Hawk in his fighter craft. During the encounter, Hawk uses his claw-like landing gear to inflict damage on not only the starfighter, but Koori as well, forcing Rogers to land.

Hawk realizes what he has done in his anger, and after a heated and tenuous truce between himself and Rogers, they seek out a healer — but it is too late for Koori as her wounds were fatal (BR25: "Time of the Hawk").

During the encounter with the Jade Box, Hawk encounters a version of Koori but is not able to save her as her fate had already been sealed (BR25: "The Guardians").