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Searcher is a deep-space exploration craft deployed in 2492 CE, with the mandate to both search for and re-establish contact with human colonies cut-off from Earth during the post-World War III recovery period. Its ship name and slogan are noted on its hull; Searcher's slogan is Latin—per ardua ad astra—which is translated to English as "through adversity to the stars."

Propelled by plasma drive, Searcher is assigned a crew from the Earth Defense Directorate following the cessation of hostilities with the Draconian Empire (BR25: "Flight of the War Witch", "Time of the Hawk").

The ship features various medical bays, research labs, and the standard ship outlay of crew quarters, mess halls, et al.

Housed in the belly of Searcher starship were Thunderfighters (BR25: "Time of the Hawk"), in addition to a number of shuttlecraft used to send parties to planets and other locales (BR25: "Journey to Oasis", "The Crystals"). Of note, during its explorations into deep space, it acquires the bird-man Hawk, as well as his unique fighter craft (BR25: "Time of the Hawk").