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Introduced Cruise Ship to the Stars
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Role Servitor ambuquad aboard Lyran Queen
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Portrayed by Patty Maloney
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Tina in the separate continuity
Tina in the primary continuity

Where's your girlfriend, Twiki? I thought you two had a date.
She gets off work at 10:00.
What's her name again?
[Dr. Theopolis interjects] Her name is Tina, and I think her interest in Twiki is purely physical.
[Rogers, in disbelief] Physical?
[Twiki assertively declares] You'd better believe it.

Tina is an ambuquad, a specialized robot made for performing manual labors. In 2491, she is assigned as waiter/servitor staff aboard Lyran Queen.

Twiki encounters her and pursues a relationship with the fellow ambuquad, much to Dr. Theopolis' chagrin (BR25: "Cruise Ship to the Stars").


  • Her ambuquad language responses of "boodi-boodi" are inferred as a "feminine" form of Twiki's "masculine" variant "bidi-bidi."