Jason Samos

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Jason Samos
Jason Samos
A photo of Maj. Samos before his transformation due to the Satyr virus (BR25: "The Satyr").
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Nickname Pangor
Introduced The Satyr
Death Explosion of boobytrapped winery hut, planet Arkadis, c. 2492
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Children Delph Samos, son
Marital Status Married, Cyra Samos
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Role Colonizer
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Rank Major
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Portrayed by Dave Cass
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Jason Samos in the separate continuity
Jason Samos in the primary continuity
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Major Jason Samos is an Earth pioneer responsible for establishing multiple colonies in the mid-25th century, as part of his Back to the Land movement.

The last colony he established in 2464 CE, New Corinth on Arkadis, befell a fate that left most of its 116 souls decimated following an outbreak of the Satyr virus, which affected the post-pubescent men in the colony. Affected by the virus himself, he became the "Satyr" Pangor, often visiting both his wife (Cyra Samos) and only son (Delph Samos), drinking of the vast stores of moon wine they produced in a small vineyard near the remains of New Corinth. They toil away on the farm, keeping a low profile and quiet, so as not to attract Pangor.

Unbeknownst to the surviving Samos family, Jason protected his family by fighting off other Saytr-ized colonists, and patrols the surrounding farmlands on farelon back with an electric whip. In order to wile away the time, he plays music from a flute made of flute grass that could be heard from some considerable distance. Further, the fact of Jason Samos' transformation into Pangor is kept from their son until William "Buck" Rogers's arrival in 2492 CE, with Delph keeping his father's log books as that is all he had to remember his father by.

Upon meeting up on Samos' farm, Rogers is observed and stalked by Samos. In a nighttime encounter, Samos lures Rogers and Twiki from their shuttle, and Twiki is damaged in the fight. Later, Rogers attempts to fight off the unruly horned man, later being bitten during a fight near a watering hole—with Rogers believing that he had drowned the threatening creature. Following Rogers' battle with "Pangor," he learns not only of Jason Samos' survival as "Pangor," but also the effects of the Satyr virus first hand. As Rogers fights the transmogrifying effects of the virus, he is still able to save Samos' family from the other Satyr-ized colonists, planning a trap for them in the winery hut.

As "Pangor," Samos leads Satyr-ized colonists to the winery hut, which Rogers had rigged with explosives—and hits the detonator, killing himself and two other Satyrs, thus giving his life for the family he started in the failed colony (BR25: "The Satyr").