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Arkadis is a planet in the vicinity of Orion I. It is an Earth-type planet featuring three orbiting natural satellites, believed to be a "paradise planet" by Terrans.

In 2475 CE, Major Jason Samos lead 116 persons, including his wife Cyra, to establish the colony of New Corinth on Arkadis. The colony failed after 2485, where a majority of the male inhabitants became affected by the Satyr virus. Few of the women and children escaped the affects of this virus, to which they were biologically immune, although the men-cum-Satyrs eventually succumbed to their baser instincts and slaughtered the majority of them.

A Satyr-ized Jason Samos protects his family—wife Cyra, son Delph—through to 2492 CE, when they are eventually rescued by William "Buck" Rogers and the crew of Searcher (BR25: "The Satyr").