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A Vorvon with its victim, Wilma Deering, on Theta Station (BR25: "Space Vampire").

The Vorvon is an energy-based corporeal-vacillating creature believed to originate from the Rumaine Star System and considered a myth in the 25th century, itself likened by William "Buck" Rogers to the vampire myth from the 20th century.

It appears in two distinct forms: an energy-based red sphere and, to its intended victims, a bi-pedaled organism with a bulbous, varicose veins across its cranium and temples; a singular mono-brow across its forehead; fanged incisors; elongated dark-tone stiletto fingernails; an ivory jaundice pallor; and over-sized ears featuring a helix curving towards the back of the head. In either form, its visual spectrum is red shifted.

The Vorvon has been mythologized due to its ability to evade technological recording, appearing invisible to all those but the intended victims. It is capable of subduing its victims upon direct eye contact, as well as using energy blasts to affect persons and objects. It feeds on the souls of its victims, notably liking the "taste of fear."

William "Buck" Rogers and Wilma Deering encounter one such Vorvon on Theta Station in 2491 CE, after the deliberate crash of I.S. Demeter into the station (BR25: "Space Vampire").

Modus Operandi

Vorvon moves to turn Wilma Deering into his avatar (BR25: "Space Vampire").

A Vorvon sustains itself by draining the life force of its victims through the use of its thumb and pinkie finger, leaving two lacerations at either side of the victim's neck. Its victims are held, perhaps for a time, in a form of stasis between life and death, and can be controlled by the Vorvon, although such thralls emulate zombified behaviors and vocalizations.

Vorvon feeding marks on William Helson's neck (BR25: "Space Vampire").

In some instances, a Vorvon may be so enthralled with a victim to the point where it can convert one into an avatar, emulating its own abilities to drain life. The intended Vorvon avatar may feel its presence as a discomforting chill, and the Vorvon may court its victim with various appearances, heightening the victim's fear response before conversion, as was the case with Wilma Deering (BR25: "Space Vampire").


The Vorvon is overloaded by the energy of a star (BR25: "Space Vampire").

A power lock of unknown origin is capable of harming the Vorvon and its avatar, although those otherwise in its thrall are unaffected.

As Vorvons are impervious to a majority of weapons or brute force, the only thing known to kill a Vorvon is a large, overwhelming energy blast. In one such instance, a Vorvon becomes electrified through power overload upon proximity with a star, breaking its ability to control those in its thrall (BR25: "Space Vampire").

Helson's Vorvon

An unnamed Vorvon runs afoul of William Helson in 2486 CE, after feeding on his family during a shuttle accident, for which Helson is arrested, tried, and later acquitted. Over the course of five years, Helson uncovers information on how to exact his revenge upon his family's murderer, including the acquisition of the power lock.

The glowing eyes of the Vorvon as it entrances its victim (BR25: "Space Vampire").

Upon booking passage on I.S. Demeter in 2491 CE, the Vorvon and Helson engage in an altercation in Helson's cabin while Helson attempts to find the mislaid power lock that the Vorvon blasts from Helson's hand. Helson is drained and his servo drone is damaged, and the crew aboard begin "dying" at its hand en route to Tazwell via Stargate 9. The crew believe they have contracted EL-7, a belief that transfers to Theta Station's crew after Demeter collides into the station causing a hull breach of both ship and station, leading to possible atmospheric contamination.

The invading Vorvon sets its sights on Wilma Deering and first appears exclusively to her in the station's commissary. Deering communicates what she saw to Rogers and Dr. Ecbar later shares his insights into the state of Demeter's crew neither being dead nor alive before Ecbar's conversion by the Vorvon. The Vorvon neutralizes Ecbar as a threat.

A Vorvon thralled Demeter Captain restrains Dr. Ecbar as the Vorvon approaches (BR25: "Space Vampire").

Twiki repairs Helson's drone, allowing access for playback where they witness the final moments of Helson's life as he fought vainly against the Vorvon, whose presence was not captured in the recording. Prompted by this, Rogers investigates Helsing's quarters aboard Demeter more thoroughly, discovering the power lock under Helson's bed before being quickly attacked by a thralled Dr. Ecbar. He reenters the station, but is captured by the thralled Demeter crew and the Vorvon reveals itself to Rogers.

A throng of Vorvon thralls withdraw from their attack of William "Buck" Rogers after the security alarm is thrown (BR25: "Space Vampire").

The Vorvon moves to feed on a restrained and hypnotically-docile Rogers, who reaches into his pocket to pull out the power lock, using it to injure the Vorvon. Rogers is able to escape by activating an emergency alarm in the section, which sends the thralls and their sneering master in retreat, lest they reveal the truth to the station's personnel.

After Rogers is brought to the station's sickbay, where he finds the thralled crew in an immobile state within their capsules. Commander Royko remains convinced that EL-7 is the cause, notably after Twiki reports that Helson's drone, and thus the recording of Helson's attack, is destroyed.

The Vorvon knocks Wilma Deering's laser derringer from her hand with an energy lasso (BR25: "Space Vampire").
William "Buck" Rogers shoots the Vorvon, temporarily halting its advances towards Wilma Deering, and absconds into its red energy form (BR25: "Space Vampire").

The Vorvon returns to taunt Deering, appearing before her in the active commissary once more, and pursues her into the corridors. As the Vorvon moves to convert her, Rogers fires his laser at the Vorvon, who quickly disappears before Royko and security officers approach, believing Rogers to be violently responding to EL-7-caused hallucinations.

Deering is confined to quarters, while Rogers is brought to the brig, allowing the Vorvon to complete its task: the conversion of Wilma Deering.

After Deering's attempt to feed from Rogers is discovered, the newly-convinced Royko allows Rogers to pursue the Vorvon and Deering in a thunderfighter through Stargate 9. Unbeknownst to the pursued, Rogers had previously sabotaged his shuttle so that it could only go into a star, thereby breaking its hold over Deering and those who were under its thrall, including Demeter's crew and Helson, after its destruction (BR25: "Space Vampire").

A digital image of the Vorvon from Earth Directorate archives (BR25: "Space Vampire").


  • Despite the Vorvon's ability to remain unrecorded by digital media, a photo-quality sneering facsimile is found by Dr. Elias Huer in the Earth Directorate's archives.