William Helson

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William Helson
William Helson
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Homeworld Cygnus V
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Introduced Space Vampire
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Children Unspecified number
Marital Status Widowed
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Role Bounty hunter
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Portrayed by Phil Hoover
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William Helson in the separate continuity
William Helson in the primary continuity
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William Helson is a human bounty hunter specializing in alien species in 2491 CE.

In 2486 CE, Helson resides with his wife and children on Cygnus V, working as an agro-station farmer. In a mysterious shuttle accident, his wife and children are slain by a Vorvon, although their bodies were never found. Despite being arrested and tried, he is acquitted of their murder, and he vows to hunt down the Vorvon.

He relocates to New London, beginning his new career in bounty hunting specializing in alien fugitives. During this time he seeks information and artifacts on handling the Vorvon, eventually acquiring an ancient power lock. Allegedly returning from Deneb V after delivering a shipment of barbarite, Helson faces off against the Vorvon in his quarters aboard I.S. Demeter, ending in his being drained and thralled. His final moments are recorded sans Vorvon (outside of an energy blast that knocks the power lock under the bed) by Helson's servo drone, which the Vorvon disables. His "death" is erroneously attributed to EL-7, a virulent contagion from Deneb V, by Demeter's crew who also succumb as per entries in the captain's log.

Demeter exits Stargate 9 and is deliberately run aground into Theta Station, where Helson's "body" is brought to Dr. Ecbar's infirmary along with the others. Helson's drone is brought to William "Buck" Rogers' cabin aboard Theta, where Twiki is tasked with repairing it. Meanwhile, Ecbar notes the Vorvon's feeding marks, two bruises at the neck of Helson's body, to William "Buck" Rogers when discussing the Vorvon victims' state as being in cellular suspension versus being dead as previously believed.

Following Ecbar's fall to the Vorvon, Helson and other thralls are directed to stop Rogers from recovering the power lock. After fighting with the thralled Ecbar, Rogers reenters Theta only to be restrained by a thralled Helson, until the Vorvon is temporarily thwarted by Rogers' use of the power lock and the thralls retreat when Rogers triggers an emergency alarm.

The Vorvon later escapes with an avatarized Wilma Deering aboard Rogers' shuttle, which Rogers' previously sabotaged by disabling manual control and programming directions to a star via Stargate 9. This trap works, overloading the Vorvon and freeing Helson and others from its thrall (BR25: "Space Vampire").


  • William Helson is a homage to Van Helsing, a character from Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula. Helson's New Londonresidence, and the fact that a virus is falsely believed to be the cause for the "deaths" of the Vorvon's victims aboard, are also derived from the novel.