Space Vampire

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Space Vampire
Season 1, Episode 14
BR25 - Space Vampire - Title screencap.png
Air date January 3, 1980
Written by Kathleen Barnes
David Wise
Directed by Larry Stewart
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Cruise Ship to the Stars
Happy Birthday, Buck

"Space Vampire" is the fourteenth episode of the 1st season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.


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What appears to be a deserted derelict spaceship crashes into an orbiting space station named Theta that Buck and Wilma are on. Buck checks out the ship and finds the remains of the crew, whom he learns were killed by a vampire-like creature known as the Vorvon. Buck doesn't realize that the Vorvon is still present until personnel aboard the space station – including Wilma – begin to be taken over by the strange creature, who can control the wills of other beings.


  • Christopher Stone would later go on to play Bill Neill in the 1981 horror film The Howling.
  • This pulls a lot from Bram Stoker's classic 1897 novel Dracula: One of the crew (who is hunting a creature) is named Helsing and the spaceship is the Demeter.
  • There is a logic error: Twiki sees the footage of the drone with Buck, so why can his memory units be checked to confirm Buck's story?



  • Directed by Larry Stewart
  • Written by Kathleen Barnes and David Wise
  • Produced by Jock Gaynor, Medora Heilbron, Bruce Lansbury, Glen A. Larson, David J. O'Connell and David G. Phinney
  • Music by Robert Prince
  • Cinematography by Ben Colman
  • Film Editor - George Potter
  • Casting - Phil Benjamin
  • Art Directors - Hub Braden and Fred Luff, III
  • Set Decorator - Frank Lombardo
  • Costume Designer - Al Lehman

  • Harker Wade - Unit Production Manager

  • Bob Bender - First Assistant Director
  • Gerald T. Olson - Second Assistant Director

  • Jerry Allen - Model Builder
  • Ted Wilson - Carpenter (uncredited)

  • Earl Crain, Jr. - Sound
  • Dick Wahrman - Sound Effects Editor

  • Chuck Arrigo - Special Effects Coordinator (uncredited)

  • Peter Anderson - Visual Effects Supervisor: Universal Hartland
  • David M. Garber - Miniature Effects
  • Wayne Smith - Miniature Effects

  • Gary Armstrong - Assistant Camera
  • Kenneth Hale - First Assistant Camera

  • Glen A. Larson - Composer: Theme Music
  • Herbert D. Woods - Music Editor
  • Johnny Harris - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)
  • Stu Phillips - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)

  • Alan Brennert - Story Editor
  • Anne Collins - Story Consultant

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