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Arts and Entertainment of the 25th century is dissimilar in only appearance and manner, and not in basic fact.


The ball dance at Princess Ardala's reception (BR25Film, "Awakening").

At a celebration in honor of the Draconian trade agreement, various formal dances are held at a banquet hall to entertain Princess Ardala as dignitaries make their various introductions to her.

One such dance is the "ball dance[1]," where silver spheres—attached via a ring placed over the dancer's middle finger—are placed on the back of the dancer's right hand (BR25Film, "Awakening").


Various musical arts, with stylings reminiscent of disco, survive into the 25th century and are performed during Ardala's reception (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Somehow, despite William "Buck" Rogers's incongruent and sparse description to the "disc jockey" at the reception, the musician is able to mimic some stylings of "rock and roll" to which he and Ardala "get down" to much to Kane's and Wilma Deering's considerable consternation (BR25Film, "Awakening").


  1. This is a Buck Wiki descriptive term.