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Draconians (singular, Draconian or Draconi[1] are a humanoid species, likely divergent from Earth stock.

Draconians rule a vast self-named empire, overseeing around 75% of the known galaxy by 2491 CE known as the Draconian Realm, and have advanced technologies equal to the Federal Directorate of Earth (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Their culture is reminiscent of the Mongolians circa 12th century, particularly during the height of the Mongol Empire, where large swaths of resources and planets are subjugated. As such, Draconians have a rigid, militaristic hierarchy that does not tolerate failure, with marriages that are either arranged or established for the purposes of extending the furtherance of the Realm (BR25Film, "Awakening", "Escape from Wedded Bliss").


  1. Wilma Deering refers to a singular Draconian fighter thusly, suggesting this is a singular term (BR25Film, "Awakening").