Felina Redding

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Felina Redding
Felina Redding
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Introduced Vegas in Space
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Parents Amos Armat (father)
Rita (parental guardian)
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Role Digital programmer
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Portrayed by Ana Alicia
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Felina Redding in the separate continuity
Felina Redding in the primary continuity
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Felina Redding is a digital programmer under the employ of Amos Armat who, unbeknownst to her until 2491 CE, is her father.

After Armat and Redding's mother decided to surrender Redding into fosterage, she is raised by Rita.

Following her ascent into adulthood, Redding is offered a job at Armat's company as a digital programmer. Her life is endangered when she came across a computer code that, if deciphered, would ruin 75% of Armat's illegal operations. Not knowing what it was, she reports it and this report is intercepted by Armat's competitors, including Morgan Velosi of Sinaloa.

Despite Armat's attempt to warn Redding, Velosi's henchpeople abduct Redding from her apartment in New Chicago, spiriting her away to Sinaloa so that Velosi may extract this code. Armat's conscience compels him to seek out assistance from the Defense Directorate, and Dr. Elias Huer assigns Maj. Marla Landers and Capt. William "Buck" Rogers to extricate Redding from Sinaloa, before she succumbs to irreparable harm by the skilled information extractor Carl Morphus.

Upon the success of her extraction from Sinaloa, Redding meets Armat and is told of Armat's true nature. Armat reveals to her that he is her father, which she disbelieves, to which Armat replies that the belief might be for the best (BR25: "Vegas in Space").