Vegas in Space

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Vegas in Space
Season 1, Episode 5
BR25 - Vegas in Space - Title screencap.png
Air date October 4, 1979
Written by Anne Collins
Directed by Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.
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"Vegas in Space" is the fifth episode of the 1st season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.


William "Buck" Rogers and Defense Directorate agent Marla Landers travel to Sinaloa, a gambling city that Rogers finds resembles old Earth's Las Vegas. Their mission from the Earth Defense Directorate is to locate and return to Earth a kidnapped girl named Felina Redding, who is being held prisoner by the city's ruler, Morgan Velosi. The young woman has critical knowledge that Velosi must extract in order to destroy his competitor Amos Armat. Armat offers the Directorate plans to the Draconian Hatchet fighters that have been plaguing Earth's defense forces in exchange for the girl's life.


  • During a training exercise, Capt. William "Buck" Rogers and Col. Wilma Deering run scenarios against Hatchet fighters and the Thunderfighter combat computer's inability to properly lock onto the Hatchets for firing. Rogers seems to have the problem licked, but Deering is not certain that Directorate pilots are able to manually fire without full aid of the combat computer. After the exercise fails, the team heads to Earth.
  • A young woman, Felina Redding, enters her quarters in New Chicago. She finds two messages waiting, the first being from her former guardian, an elderly woman named Rita, who proffers her thanks for Redding's birthday gift of flowering plants. As Redding undresses, she receives a second message from her boss, Amos Armat, who warns her that she is in danger and to head to the shuttle station where she will find a prepaid itinerary to an unknown destination. He sincerely apologizes for putting her into the unsaid danger, and notes that she has always been one of his best employees, and then signs off. Unfortunately, the warning is too late, as Redding is besieged by an unknown assailant who snuck into her quarters prior to her arrival.
  • Maj. Marla Landers arrives in Dr. Elias Huer's office, and immediately notes the presence of another individual. Landers believes she arrived early, but Huer assures her she's on time and would like to introduce the gentleman in the room: Armat. Landers summarizes what she knows of Armat: that he is a black marketeer who deals with weapons, slave trading and other lurid occupations, none of which could ever be proven. Armat notes that this is correct, but is willing to surrender all the evidence the Directorate needs to make their case against him, in exchange for assistance in saving Redding's from his arch rival, one Morgan Velosi, as she accidentally came across some readouts that made her a valuable target for Velosi and Armat's other competitors.
  • Huer turns down the deal, relishing in the thought of Armat being effectively removed from contention as a black marketeer. It is Landers who notes that Armat likely has information on the Hatchet fighter's newest ability to avoid the computer control systems of Defense Directorate's starfighters, and Huer reconsiders on the condition that Armat not only surrender himself, but also all information on the Hatchet fighter. Armat agrees.
  • Rogers is putting in his apartment when Deering arrives, after educating her on putting and the astronaut tradition of carrying a golf club on board their spacecraft. Deering successfully distracts Rogers' putting attempt by claiming that the whole thing "looks ridiculous."
  • After a discussion on going on yet another mission for the Defense Directorate, Deering coyly hooks Rogers due to his particular skill at playing 10 & 11 (blackjack), and that he'll be going with Marla Landers to Sinaloa, as Landers is more familiar with Sinaloa than Deering.




  • Directed by Sigmund Neufeld, Jr.
  • Written by Anne Collins
  • Produced by Jock Gaynor, Medora Heilbron, Bruce Lansbury, Glen A. Larson, David J. O'Connell and David G. Phinney
  • Music by Les Baxter
  • Cinematography by Ben Colman
  • Film Editor - Michael Berman
  • Casting - Phil Benjamin
  • Art Directors - Bill Camden and Paul Peters
  • Set Decorator - Victor Hugo
  • Costume Designer - Sal Anthony

  • Harker Wade - Unit Production Manager

  • Gerald T. Olson - Second Assistant Director
  • Jerram A. Swartz - First Assistant Director

  • Jerry Allen - Model Builder
  • Ted Wilson - Carpenter (uncredited)

  • Earl Crain, Jr. - Sound
  • Dick Wahrman - Sound Effects Editor

  • Chuck Arrigo - Special Effects Coordinator (uncredited)

  • Peter Anderson - Visual Effects Supervisor: Universal Hartland
  • David M. Garber - Miniature Effects
  • Wayne Smith - Miniature Effects

  • Gary Armstrong - Assistant Camera
  • Kenneth Hale - First Assistant Camera

  • Glen A. Larson - Composer: Theme Music
  • Herbert D. Woods - Music Editor
  • Johnny Harris - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)
  • Stu Phillips - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)

  • Anne Collins - Story Editor

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