Amos Armat

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Amos Armat
Amos Armat
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Introduced Vegas in Space
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Children Felina Redding (daughter)
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Role Black marketeer
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Portrayed by Cesar Romero
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Amos Armat in the separate continuity
Amos Armat in the primary continuity
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Alleged businessman. Moon base construction, I think, isn't it? Of course, your real expertise lies in: extortion, smuggling illegal weaponry to warring colonies, and, of course, slave trafficking.
[clears throat] That's very true. Mr. Armat's covert activities have perplexed the interplanetary authorities for years. But, as yet we've been unable to prove anything.
And rest assured, you never will, unless I turn myself and all my records over to you.

Amos Armat is a business man of questionable repute, having public ties to moon base construction but, in reality, a cover for his real role as a black marketeer and other sundry business endeavors. The inability of the various interstellar authorities to conclusively tie Armat to such endeavors is noted by Dr. Elias Huer (BR25: "Vegas in Space").

Due to the danger of his career, both he and a woman who he appeared fond of sent their only child away into fosterage, a daughter who would assume the name of Felina Redding. After she became an adult, Armat made sure a job at his company was made available to her, and she became one of his most proficient digital programmers. This act lead to his undoing, as Redding came across sensitive information that made her a security risk, and a hot commodity for his various competitors including one Morgan Velosi. Out of loyalty to his daughter, he approaches Dr. Huer and the Defense Directorate for assistance in saving his daughter, in exchange for information of his various misdeeds -- as well as information regarding the Hatchet fighters elusive ability that prevents Thunderfighter combat computers from successfully engaging the Hatchets.

Following her safe retrieval by Capt. William "Buck" Rogers and Maj. Marla Landers, Redding meets Armat before he surrenders himself to Earth's authorities, and it is at this meeting that Armat reveals that he is her father (BR25: "Vegas in Space").