Hatchet fighter

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Hatchet fighters are the main offensive attack craft of the Draconian Empire, newly deployed in 2491 CE.

Unbeknownst to the Earth Defense Directorate, the Draconians developed (or acquired) the Hatchet fighter, which the Draconians made effective use of against the cargo vessels and frigates. Through the use of these crafts, deployed by Draconia, they are able to starve out the humans of Earth (BR25Film, "Awakening") who require food and water to be supplied by external sources (BR25Film, "Awakening", "Planet of the Slave Girls"). It isn't until William "Buck" Rogers forces Princess Ardala's hand that this deception is revealed, while simultaneously sabotaging Draconia's squadrons by the peculiar placement of explosive ordnance in the "tailpipe" of each Hatchet fighter. This ordnance would detonate after the Hatchet fighters clear Draconia's launch channels (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Shortly after the failed attempt to conquer Earth, the Draconians began acquiring an improved version from the arms dealer Armat (BR25: "Vegas in Space"). Later, Kane leads the development on an improved Hatchet fighter that is beyond the ability of the Draconian pilot corps to handle, excepting William "Buck" Rogers and zygots replicated using Rogers as a baseline (BR25: "Ardala Returns").


A Hatchet fighter's cockpit is located at the topmost head, itself atop the neck attached to the aft top-side of the ship. It is noted as having a glowing "red eye," in keeping with the Draconian color scheme (BR25Film, "Awakening").

The cockpit can only seat a single pilot, and contains its own life support system, as Draconian pilots do not wear enclosed flight suits.


Hatchet fighters feature two forward bolt-style energy weapons.


While not so clearly stated, the Hatchet fighters were a new development given that the Earth Defense Directorate had no way to easily identify them during the Pirate Attack on Draconia.