Toby Kaplan

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Toby Kaplan
Toby Kaplan
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Introduced [[A Dream of Jennifer[1]]]
Death Sometime after World War III began, c. 1987[2]
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Portrayed by Cameron Young
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Toby Kaplan in the separate continuity
Toby Kaplan in the primary continuity
[[Image:|200px|Toby Kaplan]]

Toby Kaplan is an officer in the United States Air Force circa 1987 CE.

While stationed at Edwards Air Force Base, Kaplan and Rogers would develop a friendship, and Rogers recounts an overnight sojourn to Las Vegas, Nevada to Tangie some 500 years later on Sinaloa. Rogers notes that Kaplan had designs on heading up the National Aeronautics and Space Administration board (BR25: "Vegas in Space").

Prior to his departure from Earth aboard Ranger 3, Rogers is visited by Kaplan at his apartment in Chicago the night before Rogers leaves for the dubiously ill-fated mission (BR25: "A Dream of Jennifer").


  1. Kaplan's first mention was in the episode "Vegas in Space" in recollections William "Buck" Rogers shares with Tangie at a 10 & 11 table on Sinaloa. However, Kaplan's appearance occurs later in "A Dream of Jennifer."
  2. The exact date is unknown as information was lost during the resultant holocaust.