Stellar Authorities

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The Stellar Authorities are the civilian police force of the Earth Federation circa 2491 CE.

Their jurisdiction is within the Sol System, and utilize Thunderfighters, colloquially known as "police starfighters."

Notable Events

While on a covert mission for the Defense Directorate, William "Buck" Rogers assumes the identity of Rafael Argus and pilots Argus' craft, N2-453, to the Stargate en route to Aldebaran II and is subsequently intercepted by a Stellar Authority starfighter squadron. Rogers, aided by Barnard Smith, escapes from the Stellar Authority space station and flees the Sol System (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part I").

Later, Stellar Authorities officers arrest Harsteen after he is outed as the saboteur in New Chicago (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part II").