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New Phoenix is one of the cities of Earth in 2491 CE. It exists at least 200 sq. kilometers away from New Chicago.[1]

In return for Hartsteen's assistance with acts of espionage and sabotage for the League of Death, Seton Kellogg agrees to set up an account for Hartsteen in New Phoenix. After relaying information that betrays William "Buck" Rogers to Kellogg as being an agent of the Earth Defense Directorate, Hartsteen charters a shuttle to New Phoenix, but is captured by Dr. Elias Huer, Col. Wilma Deering and the Stellar Authorities (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part II").


While it may be easy to equivocate "New Phoenix" as being named, and located near, Phoenix, Arizona, this would be erroneous. There are at least 13 different cities named "Phoenix" in America alone, excluding the 8 other international locales named thusly.[2]


  1. While the location of "New Phoenix" is not specified, it is at least this distance away given that it is outside the estimated blast radius of the Contraterrene Plant.
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