69th Earth Space Marine Squadron

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Capt. Buck Rogers with the remaining members of the Fighting 69th before the Attack of Necrosis IV (BR25: "Return of the Fighting 69th").

The 69th Earth Space Marine Squadron is a squadron of the Earth Defense Directorate active until 2490 CE.

In 2491, illegal arms dealers Commander Corliss and Roxanne Trent hijack the freighter Lisa's Dream with its uncovered stash of nerve gas (discovered near the ruins of Washington, D.C. by the Defense Directorate), and abscond with it to their well-protected base at Necrosis IV. Due to the Necrosis asteroid belt protecting it, Dr. Elias Huer reactivates the 69th Squadron for their experience with that area of space, so as to perform a bombing mission to destroy the base and nerve gas before it is deployed against Earth (BR25: "Return of the Fighting 69th").