Roxanne Trent

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Roxanne Trent
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Introduced Return of the Fighting 69th
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Marital Status Involved with Cmdr. Corliss
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Portrayed by Elizabeth Allen
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Roxanne Trent in the separate continuity
Roxanne Trent in the primary continuity
[[Image:|200px|Roxanne Trent]]

Roxanne Trent is a weapons dealer with her partner, Commander Corliss. She is known for her vengeful demeanor and excessive vanity, and is tended to by her mute Terran slave, Alicia.

In 2488 CE, Col. Wilma Deering attempts to intercept their Trent and Corliss' ship, as they were illegally supplying weapons to rebellious colonies. Unable to elicit their surrender, Deering fires her pulsar cannons during the interception, causing their contraband ordnance to become both unstable and combustible.

When Corliss attempts to seal the cargo bay, he falls in and is turned into a "living torch" by the chemicals. Trent pulls him from the bay, at the cost of her arm, which was replaced with a poor mechanical prosthesis.

From their base in the Necrosis asteroid belt, on an asteroid referred to as Necrosis IV, they plot their vengeance against Deering and the Earth itself, biding their time until 2491 CE. Trent and Corliss learn of a transport of 20th century nerve gas canisters recovered from a stockpile near Washington, D.C., with Corliss and his soldiers arranging the theft of the transport Lisa's Dream from a New Chicago Earth Defense Directorate hangar.

Trent and Corliss revel in their good fortune, with her slave dismayed at their plan. Trent continually taunts and accosts Alicia, uncovering a memory globe containing a visual record of Alicia's parents. Shattering it with her metal, mechanical prosthesis, she persists in tearing down her slave's resolve and hopes.

Later, when William "Buck" Rogers and Deering are captured during their incursion of the Necrosis asteroid belt, Trent revels in her torture of Deering before she notices that Rogers and Alicia are communicating through hand talking. She sends her slave away, and she begins her torture of Rogers, but before she could inflict any damage the Fighting 69th approach and their prisoners are sent to their cell.

With Alicia's help, Rogers and Deering escape with Trent's emboldened slave in tow, escaping in their captured belly bomber just before Noah Cooper's bomber makes its successful bombing run of the criminal base (BR25: "Return of the Fighting 69th").

Despite the apparent destruction of their base, Roxanne and Corliss were captured alive, and received medical care from the Earth Defense Directorate (BR25: "A Blast for Buck").