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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
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Role Cult leader & slave trader within the Sea of Stone
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Portrayed by Jack Palance
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Kaleel in the separate continuity
Kaleel in the primary continuity

From what I understand about Kaleel, he's some kind of a slave trader. Doesn't sound like the kind of man who would have followers.
He's more than just a slave trader. He's a sorcerer.
Oh, come on.
No, it's true. Kaleel feeds off the adulation of a crowd. He siphons off their love and their energy. Sorcerer, mutant, call him what you will, but he can mesmerize a group with just his words and his...
How come you haven't fallen under his spell?
Some of us have escaped his will. Not many, but a few. My brother was one.

Kaleel is the leader of the nomads residing in Vistula's Sea of Stone for several years up to 2491 CE.

Unbeknownst to his subjects, he often bought and sold them, gaslighting them into the belief that Earth and its appointed official, Governor Tabor Saroyan, were responsible. In doing so, he built an army from these nomads, who in turn would be lead by Galen in the eventual attack against Earth. As for Saroyan, he recruited Julio in order to handle Saroyan, ensuring that Saroyan and the Federal Directorate were left oblivious to Kaleel's plans.

While appearing humanoid, he had the ability to kill those who feared him using a power that he referred to as either "The Touch of Truth" or "The Kiss of God." As the power itself is fueled by the intended victim's fear, the power is only effective against those who fear Kaleel.

Kaleel began executing his plan to attack Earth in 2491 CE, first by introducing poisoned food discs into Earth's population, heavily targeting the Earth Defense Directorate's pilot corps with the result of weakening Earth's defensive capabilities. To ensure his plan was successful, one of his lieutenants, Stella Warden, was installed as Dr. Mallory's assistant at the Science Directorate.

Kaleel's plan is later thwarted following the Battle of Vistula, when William "Buck" Rogers and Ryma stood up to him and unmasked him for the manipulative fraud he was, thereby depriving Kaleel of his power over the nomads. He is taken into Directorate custody thereafter (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").