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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
Death Killed during the Battle of Vistula, c. 2491 CE
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Role Military strategist
Species Human
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Portrayed by Robert Dowdell
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Galen in the separate continuity
Galen in the primary continuity

Galen is, according to Wilma Deering, the best military strategist the Earth ever had.

He left the Earth Federation and, around 2484 CE, began offering his talents as a freelancer. He "disappeared" after that, and it was believed he had died, however it was Kaleel who acquired Galen for his plans of dominating Earth.

In pursuit of Deering and Ryma, a Vistulan nomad, Galen is responsible for using a power leech against Maj. Duke Danton's Thunderfighter, forcing it to crash in the Sea of Stone.

After being captured by Julio, a willing stooge for Kaleel, Deering is introduced to Galen, who reveals that he is the mastermind of the attack that shall wipe out the Defense Directorate's remaining forces. However, this belief is proven erroneous during the Battle of Vistula, as William "Buck" Rogers "sacks the quarterback" causing Kaleel's forces to disperse and leading to Kaleel's downfall (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").