Stella Warden

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Stella Warden
Stella Warden
Stella Warden on Vistula.
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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
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Portrayed by Karen Carlson
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Stella Warden in the separate continuity
Stella Warden in the primary continuity
Stella Warden
Stella Warden in her undercover role as Dr. Mallory's research assistant.

Stella Warden is an undercover agent of Kaleel, apparently of human stock.

In 2491 CE, Warden establishes her identity as a research assistant in the Science Directorate in New Chicago on Earth, working alongside Dr. Mallory and the ambuquad Carl. Upon discovery of the source of the poisoning of food discs manufactured and distributed from the planet Vistula, Warden sabotages Carl and absconds in a Thunderfighter[1] to Kaleel's power base in the Sea of Stone.

Before leaving, she arranges for Dr. Elias Huer's assassination, which William "Buck" Rogers thwarts and prompts a quartet from the Defense Directorate to head to Vistula to investigate.

Warden later serves as Kaleel's personal lieutenant, arranging for the recapture of Col. Wilma Deering following her escape from Julio's custody, as she came to know Terrans well during her time on Earth.

Following the Defense Directorate's unfathomable success at the Battle of Vistula, she escorts Kaleel to his private cruiser, but is intercepted by dissidents lead by the Vistulan nomad Ryma, as well as Rogers. It is likely that Warden remains in the custody of either the Earth Federation or the Vistulan nomads whom she previously exploited (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").


  • Warden appears in the flashback episode "A Blast for Buck" via the use of archival footage.


  1. While the cockpit is shown as a that of a Thunderfighter, the special effects plates used depict a Scorpion fighter.