A Dream of Jennifer

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A Dream of Jennifer
Season 1, Episode 20
BR25 - A Dream of Jennifer - Title screencap.png
Air date February 14, 1980
Written by Alan Brennert
Directed by David G. Phinney
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"A Dream of Jennifer" is the twentieth episode of the 1st season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.


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Buck cannot believe his eyes when he sees his 20th century girlfriend Jennifer alive on present day Earth. Buck follows the young girl, but she continues to give him the slip until he catches her in the resort town of City-on-the-Sea. The stranger, named Lela Markeson, reveals that it is no coincidence that she looks like Buck's long-lost girlfriend: her appearance has been purposedly altered by an alien named Reeve so that she could serve as a lure. With Buck now a captive, Reeve demands that the human stop a shipment of arms to a planet his people have plans to conquer.




  • Directed by David G. Phinney
  • Written by Alan Brennert
  • Produced by Jock Gaynor, Medora Heilbron, Bruce Lansbury, Glen A. Larson and David J. O'Connell
  • Music by John Cacavas
  • Cinematography by Ben Colman
  • Film Editor - Michael Berman
  • Casting - Simon Ayer
  • Art Directors - Bill Camden and Fred Luff III
  • Set Decorator - Joanne MacDougall
  • Costume Designer - Al Lehman

  • Harker Wade - Unit Production Manager

  • Frank Crawford - First Assistant Director
  • Gerald T. Olson - Second Assistant Director

  • Jerry Allen - Model Builder
  • Ted Wilson - Carpenter (uncredited)

  • Earl Crain, Jr. - Sound
  • Dick Wahrman - Sound Effects Editor

  • Chuck Arrigo - Special Effects Coordinator

  • Peter Anderson - Visual Effects Supervisor: Universal Hartland
  • David M. Garber - Miniature Effects
  • Wayne Smith - Miniature Effects

  • Victor Paul - Stunts (uncredited)

  • Gary Armstrong - Assistant Camera
  • Kenneth Hale - First Assistant Camera

  • Barry Downing - Costume Supervisor: Gil Gerard

  • Glen A. Larson - Composer: Theme Music
  • Herbert D. Woods - Music Editor
  • C.R. Cassey - Composer: Additional Music (uncredited)
  • Johnny Harris - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)
  • Stu Phillips - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)

  • Rob Gilmer - Story Editor

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