Planet of the Slave Girls

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Planet of the Slave Girls
Season 1, Episodes 3 & 4
Air date September 27, 1979
Teleplay by Steve Greenberg
Aubrey Solomon
Anne Collins
Story by Steve Greenberg
Aubrey Solomon
Directed by Michael Caffey
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"Planet of the Slave Girls" is comprised of both the third and fourth episodes from the 1st season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.


The majority of Earth's Defense Directorate pilot corps becomes incapacitated after consuming poisoned food discs. Capt. William "Buck" Rogers, Col. Wilma Deering, Maj. Duke Danton and Maj. Fields fly to the distant planet of the food's origin, Vistula, returning Governor Tabor Saroyan's son there to recover. While on the planet Vistula, they find that Kaleel has been building up a mass of brainwashed followers alongside a fleet of Scorpion fighters in secret, planning to use them against Earth's weakened defense forces in order to conquer the Earth. With Earth's defense force now heavily outnumbered 10-to-1, Danton decides that their only chance is to destroy the attack fleet while Rogers mounts a rescue for Deering, who has become trapped in Kaleel's mountain fortress.


His father is Tabor Saroyan, the governor of Vistula. I suppose I should notify him personally.
Just how serious is his condition?
It's his nerves controlling his voluntary muscles and motor coordination. They're deteriorating, just like all the others.
Yes. The Computer Council has ordered that a definitive statement to the general public not be made just yet. But so far here in New Chicago, 25,000 case have been reported.
When did all this start?
Three days ago, while you and Buck were gone. And another thing: this disease, or whatever it is, has cropped up in other cities on Earth, but here in New Chicago it's much, much worse... You see, what the Computer Council is trying to keep secret is its effect on our defense squadrons, for they've been hardest hit of all.

  • Capt. William "Buck" Rogers and Col. Wilma Deering perform a training flight run in a Thunderfighter, call sign Earth Recon One, returning to Earth via Stargate 4. Rogers feels disoriented after exiting the space warp, and Deering notes that it is a normal reaction to those who've experienced the space warping for the first time.
  • After exiting, they come across a pirate attack on a Thunderfighter referenced as Scout Three. Its pilot, a young man named Regis Saroyan, is scared and sick. Over the distress channel, Rogers hears Scout Three's call for assistance.
  • Scout Three's leader, Maj. Duke Danton, admonishes Saroyan for lagging behind and instructs him to engage in evasive maneuvers while the rest of the Scout squadron loops back for him.
  • From Earth Recon One, Rogers shares his belief that Scout Three won't make it, and Deering agrees with the assessment. Between Rogers' piloting skills and Deering's shooting, they are able to fend off the attack, saving Saroyan at Danton's chagrin. Rogers surveys Scout Three's damage, noting that he sustained a hit on his starboard side.
  • After Danton and Rogers get into a verbal tit-for-tat, Danton challenges Rogers to repeat his statements regarding "Funk & Wagnalls" face-to-face in New Chicago's flight bay. Rogers agrees while Deering, recognizing the voice, smirks silently.
  • The pilots make their landings, and Danton grills Saroyan, who is clearly clammy and feverish. Rogers is quick to note this, and catches Saroyan before he face-plants into the hangar floor.
  • After Saroyan is taken away to the Directorate clinic, Danton identifies Rogers as being the one who interfered with a Directorate training mission. Before they get further into it, Deering arrives. Danton corrects himself after calling her by her first name, and in the ensuing conversation she confirms that Rogers had her permission to interfere
  • After Deering formally introduces Rogers to the chagrined Danton, the conversation switches the subject to Rogers' status as a member of the Defense Directorate. Deering makes the suggestion that Rogers head up one of Danton's defense-technique training sessions, and after Danton becomes incredulous at the suggestion, Deering's tone shifts: she orders Danton to introduce Rogers to his class, so that he may instruct them on 20th century battle strategy.
  • After Deering is told Regis Saroyan's name by Danton, she leaves. Further exacerbating the tension, Rogers stops Deering after he reminds her of drinks at his place at 1900 hours, she replies jocularly in the affirmative: "You know something, Buck Rogers? I'll be there."
  • Rogers leaves the flight hangar after sharing a final, rhetorical question: "She's some kind of woman, isn't she?" Frustrated at being emasculated, Danton slaps a boom needle of Saroyan's fighter.
  • Deering and Dr. Elias Huer visit a feverish and delirious Regis Saroyan in his medical room. Huer shares with her that Saroyan's father, Tabor Saroyan, is the governor of Vistula and notes that he'll contact the governor personally regarding his son's condition. Deering learns that other persons have been affected over the course of the last three days that Deering and Rogers were gone. Over 25,000 people in New Chicago have been affected, including cases cropping up in other cities. Most of all, the Computer Council has held off on a public announcement due to the more damning fact: the sickness has hit the Defense Directorate's pilot corps the hardest out of any other group.
  • After Deering asks if the sickness might be a deliberate action from an unknown party, Huer brings her to the Science Directorate, introducing her to Dr. Mallory, his assistant Stella Warden and the ambuquad Carl. A haughty Carl retorts that it also finds Huer "less than memorable," obliquely noting that Huer introduced them last.
  • Mallory reveals that, while an antidote to the poison has not been found, they have found the source of the poison, and have devised a means to test for it. To Huer's surprise, the source of the poison are food discs, consumed daily by millions of Terrans. Deering questions how such a thing is possible, as food production and distribution is highly regulated by the Food Directorate to prevent such things, and Mallory does not have an answer for that. The poisoned individuals, while not deceased and thus have a modicum of health, have not fully recovered.
  • An exuberantly optimistic Mallory notes that with Carl's help they'll be able to find a remedy and return the pilots to full functioning ability in no time.
Dr. Theopolis: "Two grown men fighting. How disgusting."
  • Meanwhile, Rogers lectures a class of Defense Directorate cadets, noting the use of football in battle strategies. Danton comedically eggs Rogers on while his own cadets giggle and display incredulous immaturity during the lecture. Despite Rogers approach, the lecture degrades into a physical altercation that upheaves the lecture room, following examples of "sacking the quarterback," "clipping" and other types of tackles.
  • Summoned by the commotion that could be heard in an adjoining corridor, Dr. Theopolis and Twiki make their way into the room to see Danton have the final word—dismissing his cadets after ordering them to report to the hangar at 0800 the next morning—after tackling Rogers and forcing him into a rack of helmets, pinning Rogers underneath its bulk.
  • After Danton and his cadets disperse, Dr. Theopolis reacts to the display: "Two grown men fighting. How disgusting." As Rogers extricates himself from under the rack, he meekly explains that he was giving a demonstration.

So, you must ready yourselves, my friends! Your moment is at hand! No longer shall you live in a Sea of Stone, while others reap the benefits of our world's lush glory! No longer shall you work to feed the people of distant planets while your own sons and daughters go hungry! Soon you will descend upon the Earth like meteors, like fire, and consume them with the flames of your righteous anger. The only ones who can stop us are those enemies among us. Those who are weak and faithless. Those who do not believe, those who attack me out of fear and jealousy. These are our enemies. Every moment you tolerate their presence among us is a moment lost for you, and your children, and your children's children!

 — Kaleel fires up his crowd of sycophantic nomads in the Sea of Stone, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Planet of the Slave Girls"
  • In the evening, Dr. Mallory tells Stella Warden that Carl is running a nitrogen breakdown of the poison sample, and while they wait for the results he will go off to take a break. Warden supports this and agrees to watch Carl's readouts in the interim. After Mallory leaves, Warden plants a device inside of one of Carl's compartments, which begins its overload.
  • After Warden leaves the premises, Carl calls out for help, and Mallory quickly returns to Carl as he smolders and sparks like a Roman candle. "Too late. Good bye, Mallory." Carl explodes, leaving behind a scorched, smoldering hulk.
  • In Rogers' apartment, Col. Wilma Deering and William "Buck" Rogers engage in a judo lesson. After being flipped over Deering's back and landing on an unpadded floor, Deering quips that she probably shouldn't have asked Rogers to teach her judo so soon after "teaching" 20th century battle strategy. Both laugh and then make their way to Rogers' living room area, where Deering comes across a picture of a woman and asks about her. Before he can explain further, a message comes in and he stiffly walks to the other side of the room, picking up the call from Dr. Elias Huer.
  • Huer asks after Deering, who he understands is there, and they are summoned to Dr. Mallory's lab.
  • Huer consoles a despondent Mallory as Deering and Rogers arrive, with Deering seeing Carl's burned-out hulk. Huer explains the situation, as well as Warden's disappearance, and notes that the sabotage has left the Earth "next to defenseless indefinitely." Huer notes that Rogers should excuse himself, as he is not a formal part of the Defense Directorate, and Rogers obliges -- still overhearing the subsequent conversation (as both Deering and Huer intend) regarding the subsequent discovery of all food discs meant for Directorate housing were contaminated, and that all of the contaminated food discs (regardless of where they had been finally processed) all came from Vistula.
  • Rogers offers his help, much to Huer's mock surprise, noting that an Earth in the 25th century is better than no Earth at all. Huer then answers Rogers' question about Vistula, noting that it is the source of Earth's vegetable protein. As they leave Mallory's lab, Huer continues to explain the importance of Vistula to Earth.
  • En route back to Vistula in a stolen Defense Directorate Thunderfighter, Warden uses her subspace radio to radio Vistula Two, the mountain headquarters of Kaleel. Seated in the center command console of the aforementioned headquarters, Galen responds and Warden tells him to communicate the good news to Kaleel regarding the status of the Defense Directorate.
  • In a large cave-like chamber, a white-robed Kaleel preaches to a congregation of nomads, espousing that their time to strike the Earth is soon at hand and that they will pillage the Earth with a righteous fury. He reiterates that Earth and other planets have plundered their resources, while letting the workers and their children–who endlessly toil to make food for other worlds–go hungry.
Kaleel to Leila's husband: "If your heart is good and true, you shall live."
  • As Galen arrives, Kaleel's sermon turns into outing unbelievers. A man casts furtive glances to his wife, Leila, who is fully enthralled with Kaleel. His concern is warranted as Leila publicly declares that her husband speaks ill of Kaleel, sharing his belief in the "dead of night" that Kaleel is the one selling them as slaves and pocketing the money for himself. She feels that her husband is fearful of the future and selfish.
  • The outed husband begins to flee, but others in his congregation quickly capture him. Kaleel's hands, now glowing red, angrily declares that the unbeliever not be harmed. As Kaleel makes his way into the congregation towards the unbeliever, he explains that his hands are alight in the Touch of Truth, and are a Kiss of God that will determine the unbeliever's true motivations: "If your heart is good and true, you shall live."
  • Kaleel's finger then touches the fearful, protesting and still-writhing unbeliever, who subsequently dies.
  • Amid a rising choir of congregants who chant Kaleel's name, he basks in their adulation and rushes back to the stage. A tearful Leila dismisses her husband's death, and adds her voice to the choir.
  • Kaleel enters the command center with Galen in tow, the chanting continuing outside. He orders two of his sycophants that no one is to leave the hall, and that he will address the congregation in a half-hour.
  • Galen briefs Kaleel on Warden's report regarding the condition of the Defense Directorate's pilots. Galen is pleased, and notes that they need to cut off its head, Dr. Huer. Galen replies that Warden has arranged Huer's death.
  • At night, Huer, Deering and Rogers stroll through a small arboretum, while black-clad assassin deploys their assassin's boomerang and layers on a liquid that smokes as it is applied to the blade.
  • Rogers asks why the governor of Vistula would poison his own son, and Huer surmises that Saroyan may very well be unawares of the situation. Deering advocates that they must go to Vistula to investigate, leading both Huer and Deering to ideate calling Saroyan and sending his son back home to Vistula to recuperate with a Directorate honor guard, even though Huer loathes the idea of sending one given the Directorate's depleted pilot corps.
  • Rogers becomes intensely suspicious throughout the stretch of discussion, and sights the assassin's whirring boomerang, which the trio duck. He tells Deering and Huer to stay down, while Rogers crouches down in an action pose, slowly crossing the arboretum in order to sight their attacker.

Saroyan's son has arrived. The governor has prepared a banquet for the co-pilots who escorted him here.
The fool has been so helpful to us, he deserves to have a good time. Just so he remains totally ignorant of what's happening right under his nose.
He might not. Dr. Huer survived the attempt on his life.
[Kaleel turns heel, surprised] What?
It could very well be he knows the poisoned food comes from Vistula and he's sent these people here as spies.
Well, if they're staying at the Statehouse, we needn't worry. Should they stray too near the fire, we'll simply see that it... engulfs them.

 — Stella Warden and Kaleel discuss Regis Saroyan's arrival and Tabor Saroyan's subsequent banquet for the Defense Directorate honor guard, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Awakening"
  • William "Buck" Rogers makes himself a target to their hidden assailant and their boomerang, resulting in the boomerang planting itself into a tree's trunk. The defeated assassin flees as Dr. Elias Huer and Col. Wilma Deering approach the damaged tree trunk, fortunate that they survived the encounter.
  • In the morning, a sick suited Regis Saroyan is conveyed to Rogers' and Deering's Thunderfighter, where they are met by Dr. Huer just after Deering explains the purpose of Saroyan's suit. Twiki and Theopolis arrive after being told by Huer that Governor Tabor Saroyan is expecting their arrival at Vistula.
  • Twiki presents two contamination detector wrist bands that he spent the night assembling, which will allow them to not only detect the poison but also doubles as radio directional finders.
  • Huer introduces the two Defense Directorate officers who will round out the honor guard: Maj. Fields and Maj. Duke Danton, the latter being a person that Huer wryly notes as Rogers having "bumped into" previously. Danton's displeasure is palpable.
  • The fighters launch and head to the Stargate to make their way to Vistula; Deering and Rogers discuss Danton, and Deering reveals a prior relationship between herself and Danton, to which Rogers notes that "some things never change."
  • Danton announces that they're coming up on Vistula, and have been cleared for landing. Deering remarks at some of the sights of Vistula as they make their landing approach, including the Sea of Stone amongst the verdant and lush nature of the planet.
  • Kaleel paces around his control center when Stella Warden reports on Regis Saroyan's arrival. Kaleel is pleased, and says that they'll allow Regis' father to throw their banquet, because the "fool has been so helpful" to Kaleel and his effort. Warden informs him that Huer survived the attempt on his life, but Kaleel, while momentarily aghast, says that they needn't worry as long as they stay at the Governor's Statehouse.
  • The Directorate honor guard is at the banquet, sitting at a uniquely designed dining table, where Governor Saroyan discusses his joy at the festivities and at his son's return. When asked about the source of the illness, Deering coyly notes that they're investigating the source of the "virus," and that by the time they leave there Dr. Huer will be able to relay additional information to him. Governor Saroyan notes that he won't let them leave until they've had three days of "absolutely royal treatment."
  • Julio eyes Deering after she tells him that they'd enjoy seeing the production facilities, while Regis Saroyan only asks for water from their server, Ryma, as he is still unwell.
  • Meanwhile, Governor Saroyan tells his guests that it isn't often that visitors from his home world come to his planet, aside from "boring" systems analysts and the "dreadful" inspectors dispatched by the Food Directorate. He feels chagrined at that, feeling that he's proven himself after three successive appointments to the role.
  • Nothing the hesitation of his guests at partaking in the feast before them, he encourages them to eat up, seeing as it isn't everyday that a full meal is brought in from a place that, according to Julio, is called Dionysin. Julio heavily notes that the "expense has been budgeted in the governor's salary," particularly as Saroyan himself complains about soy products and notes that he has all of his food brought in from off-Vistula sources. Comforted by this fact for reasons that elude Saroyan, the guests partake in the feast while the conversation segues into the use of human labor instead of mobile service modules.
  • A philosophical argument ensues, with Rogers aghast at the use of slave labor from the Sea of Stone's denizens, even though Saroyan notes that they are sold by one of their own people: Kaleel.
  • Ryma is enthralled by this display of support for her people while pouring Rogers' wine, but spills it on him due to this distraction. Saroyan admonishes her and threatens to put her back to the fields as a common laborer, while Rogers protests, saying that people are not machines. Regis Saroyan pipes up, noting that he's told his father something similar in the past. The mood at the banquet grows chilly.
  • That evening, Ryma is outside of Rogers' guest quarters while she is observed by a toga-wearing statehouse worker, noting this she presses on the center door panel and the door opens.
  • Rogers is bathing in a large bath, with his back turned and singing Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night" to himself. Ryma turns on a nearby music player, alerting Rogers to her presence but is unsurprised at it: "My singing was that bad?"
  • Ryma kneels at the stairs to the bath, and whispers that she needs to talk to him, and uses the music to obfuscate their conversation out of an expressed concern of being eavesdropped by her own people. After thanking him, she notes that Saroyan is a fool, and that the only one with any sense in that family is the son, Regis, who has tried to help the nomads for years. Rogers quickly surmises that Ryma has a "crush" on Regis, and she informs him about her brother's suspicions and death relating to the events at Processing Plant 347, in addition to the fact that her own people is under Kaleel's spell. She imparts to him that, along with a few others, she immune and is part of a small resistance to Kaleel.
  • Rogers leaves by the window, after Ryma tells him that she's "to be his" for the night and that he himself has a "reputation to uphold" as well, welcoming her to stay in the quarters while he's gone.
  • Rogers makes his way to 347 and, after a tussle, finds that the poisoning is transferred by the food packaging. He escapes with little fanfare.
  • Held by the toga-wearing worker, Ryma is interrogated by Julio, who surmises that she's told Rogers about her brother and the processing plant. Julio orders her to be brought to the shuttle port to take the transport scheduled to leave for the mountain at dawn, but Deering follows and attempts to free her when they reach the banquet hall. While she finds the unlocking mechanism, Julio arrives with a weapon in hand, and declares that Kaleel would be happy to answer any questions she'd have, and expects that she'd reciprocate to such an inquiry as well, before stunning them.
  • Rogers returns to his accommodations via the open window, closing it behind him. He finds that Ryma is gone and leaves to search for her.
  • The transport leaves for the Sea of Stone as Deering recovers from being stunned. Ryma apologizes for placing her in the predicament, believing that there's no return and that they'll all die at Kaleel's hand. Deering activates the RF transponder on her contamination detector bracelet.
  • Rogers leaves Deering's accommodations when Danton, still in dress uniform, approaches. Rogers motions for Danton to follow him into his quarters, and asks after Deering. Danton tells Rogers that she left the banquet two hours prior, along with everyone else; Danton is then told that both Deering and Ryma have disappeared. Rogers tells Danton that Deering's RF was activated and that Deering is 3 kilometers north-east of the Statehouse.
  • Danton wants to go after her, but Rogers notes that a subspace transmission between Vistula and Earth is likely dangerous and that the poison sample he found needs to be returned to Dr. Huer. Danton agrees, noting he'll get Major Fields and will return in a few minutes.
  • The transport to Kaleel's fortress launches and Deering, after they launch, asks about the glow off to the horizon. Ryma notes that when it's half-way to its zenith, they'll be inside Kaleel's mountain.
  • Rogers and Fields, now in standard Defense Directorate uniform, walk-and-talk regarding the delivery of the poison sample back to Huer when Danton (too in standard uniform) approaches. Danton communicates his encounter with Julio's guard, and says they should leave before the guard awakens. Fields is told to bring the sample to Huer with haste, and to break radio silence only after going through the stargate.
  • Fields splits off from the group, wishing the two men luck.
  • At daybreak, Ryma notes that they're almost at the fortress.
  • Kaleel and Warden enter the command center, with Galen noting that the shuttle is about to dock with Julio's prisoners. Kaleel instructs that they are to be brought to the command center. As Kaleel sits at his throne, Galen relays Julio's note that two of Earth's starfighters have left the spaceport 15 minutes ago. One of the two fighters is following the shuttle, and Galen is told to use his best judgment to deal with the pursuer: Galen will employ the power leech, which pleases Kaleel.
  • In Danton's fighter, Rogers notes from the back seat that Deering has stopped moving. Danton asks Rogers if he has a plan after they arrive at their final destination, and Rogers replies in the negative.
  • Galen activates the power leech, and Danton finds himself wrestling with the controls as the fighter's engines begin shutting down. Rogers notes that there's more than enough energy being generated to go to the engines, and Danton surmises they've been ensnared by a power leech. Rogers tells Danton to hit the retro gravity valve, which'll slow their descent and allow Danton to hold the ship's nose up. This too is ineffective and they go down into the Sea of Stone, just short of the fortress.
  • Galen grins as the ship disappears from the scopes, having apparently crashed. Kaleel is visibly relieved.

I don't understand. Where have all of our guests gone? Colonel Deering, Major Fields, Major Danton, even that boorish Captain Rogers, where have they gone?
You really don't know what's going on here, do you?
I've tried to tell you for years: about Kaleel, the way he exploits the nomads, how he makes them hate the very sound of your name.
[holds up a finger] Now I have a job to do. And I've always tried to do the best I could.
We've been through all this before, father. You never listen! Not really. Oh, Julio you listen to. Julio, whose first loyalty is to Kaleel. But never to me. You never listen to your own son, so finally I gave up trying to make you hear.

 — Toban Saroyan and his son, Regis Saroyan, rehash an old argument regarding the conditions on Vistula, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Planet of the Slave Girls"
  • Governor Tabor Saroyan paces around the empty banquet hall when his son, in dress uniform, approaches. Saroyan is effusive in his questioning about the departure of his guests, even the "boorish Captain Rogers." A resigned Regis notes that his father is completely oblivious to what's been happening on Vistula, and how Kaleel has so warped the nomads to loathe the very sound of his father's name. He beseeches his father to open his eyes to what is transpiring, even though it falls upon deaf ears.
  • As black, tattered nomads warily approach the wreck of Maj. Duke Danton's crashed Thunderfighter, Rogers extricates himself from the wreck. Danton has already left the wreck, resting nearby. They agree to leave the wreck behind and continue on foot, retrieving their survival gear before they do so, with Rogers noting that they'd look like brown-and-serve rolls by sunset. Behind a rocky hill, a trio of the nomads watch the crash-landed arrivals from a distance.
  • The bound duo of Ryma and Wilma Deering are escorted through the halls of the fortress, en route to meet with Kaleel. Ryma tells Deering about the furnace and says her goodbye to Deering, believing that they are doomed.
  • As the prisoners are their two guards round the hallway, Deering puts her judo to good use by flipping one of the guards over her shoulder, while Ryma distracts the two fallen guards. Deering eludes them, after ducking in a small room adjacent to preceding hall.
  • Now in their golden survival suits, Danton and Rogers continue their trek towards Deering's last known location. Danton notes that his suit makes him itch, with Rogers commenting that he's welcome to divest himself of it should he wish sunburn. Danton retorts that Rogers feels "right at home" with his, as he's seen what people in Rogers' century wore, eliciting a comment about the accuracy of the "half-baked historians" and their inability to discern between a cowboy and a traffic cop. Following behind are a quartet of the tattered, black-robed denizens of the Sea of Stone.
  • On Earth, Twiki (under the guidance of Dr. Theopolis) effect repairs on Carl, while a despondent Dr. Mallory paces behind them. Twiki and Theopolis have a conversation regarding the expressions that Twiki has adopted from Rogers. After Twiki finishes, Theopolis asks Mallory to send a light current through Carl's higher-level associative circuits. Mallory claims it wouldn't do any good, as they've all been destroyed by Stella Warden's sabotage, but Theopolis insists. He does so, but it appears to be ineffectual, and Mallory's attention is now on Dr. Elias Huer and Maj. Fields, who has returned from Vistula with the poison sample Rogers recovered from Processing Plant 347.
  • Mallory notes that it is ingenious, and Fields replies that Rogers felt that a concentrated poison sample would assist in an antidote. Mallory replies in the affirmative, but notes that without Carl it does no good at all.
  • Carl surprises everyone when he calls Mallory a "self-pitying old goat," and notes that it is nice to see the "ignoramus" again. Mallory's disposition, drastically improved, notes that they'll get to work right away.
  • Huer is less positive, noting that their pilots are so few that they could scarcely defend themselves against pirates, much less anything organized, as Kaleel intended. He encourages Mallory to keep him apprised of his progress.
  • As Mallory begins manipulating switches on Carl, Theopolis suggests that he and Twiki leave Mallory and Carl to their work. As they exit, Carl thanks Theopolis, to which Twiki indignantly replies with a string of "beety"s, prompting Theopolis to correct Carl in thanking both him and Twiki. Twiki follows up with another string of "beety"s, with Theopolis giving his observation of the offering as another one of "Buck's colorful phrases."
  • As Rogers and Danton continue their trek, Ryma is brought before Kaleel, and is asked why she killed her brother. Kaleel regales her in a tall-tale, citing Julio's claim that her brother was found dead after the workers say he went off to meet with her. Realizing she is being gaslighted, she becomes increasingly defiant and realizes that it is setting up how her "disappearance" will also be explained to other nomads.
  • Kaleel notes that, as with her brother, there was something wrong with her. They never fit in and, "always different, always complaining, always unhappy." He notes that no one would miss her terribly, and proceeds to unleash the "Touch of Truth" upon her. Ryma, defiant to the end, unleashes her truth: Kaleel is responsible for everything, including stealing their dreams and taking away all that her people might've been. She notes that he never got to her and is prepared to die.
  • Kaleel, his powers visibly flickering in-and-out, angrily notes that the Touch is too good for her, sanctifying her "evil" beliefs even in death, and orders her sent to the furnace.
  • Warden, who remains behind after Ryma is taken away, notes that Deering has not yet been found. She notes that there's no need to double the guards at the exits, as she believes that Deering isn't planning to escape, knowing how the Terrans think after working with them for so long a time.
  • Deering, now wearing a purple outfit the likes of the workers, clubs a guard who has an unlocking mechanism for her restraints around his neck. She clubs him.
  • The guard brings Ryma to the furnace, unshackles her and throws her into the furnace: a natural heating room using a geothermal vent, where she is left to die from thermal exposure.
  • Rogers and Danton stop to eat the local cuisine that Rogers has captured and cooked over a small campfire. Danton is less than thrilled, noting that he's never eaten anything that crawled on the ground. Rogers replies that Danton is welcome to eat his food pills, assuming that they themselves aren't poisoned. Danton tastes the food, asking Rogers to reminisce about the times he refers to Rogers as a barbarian, noting that he's not taking any of those comments back. He gives Rogers his portion.
  • They are subsequently attacked by the nomads, who begin their attack by throwing a grenade via a sling, landing just short of the campfire. Rogers and Danton duck behind the rocks, as the quartet begins raiding their packs. Danton holds Rogers from immediately retaliating, while Rogers attempts to get a zinger in regarding their faces looking like they've been through a meteor shower.
  • As the quartet focus their attentions on raiding, Rogers and Danton launch their counteroffensive. After a tussle, the quartet disperses, and the two Terrans bond over their experience. They decide to continue their journey, with Rogers picking up an unused grenade left behind by the party.
  • Armed with a pistol and unshackled, Deering makes her way to the vacant command center. She finds it seemingly vacant and proceeds to work on sending out a message, when Warden reveals herself and stops Deering at gunpoint. Warden notes that Earth people are predicable, and goes on to explain that she became a Terran to someday overcome them.
  • Kaleel reveals himself as well, noting that the day of overcoming Earth's influence has arrived.
  • Rogers and Danton approach Kaleel's mountain, where Rogers assures Danton that Deering is alive, as the contamination detectors are powered by body heat.
  • Danton sees something off in the distance, and they come across a force of Scorpion fighters laid out on the open swath of land near the mountain. Rogers and Danton get closer to overlook the assembled force below, with Rogers surmising that this was the second part of Kaleel's "master plan," and the reason why Earth's pilots were deliberately poisoned.

What will your friend do when he returns to Earth, Captain Rogers? Let's see. You've seen the fleet I've been slowly, patiently building up, and you've no doubt concluded that my plan is to weaken Earth's defense squadrons by poisoning its members, so the planet can be conquered with ease.
Murder seems to be second nature to you. Why didn't you wipe us all out so you can walk into power?
[chuckles] Mass death would've caused much alarm, attracted too much attention. Dr. Huer would have suspected foul play immediately. This way, the gravity of the situation crept up on him. By the time he had an inkling of what was truly happening, it was too late.
That's not the reason. The truth is, you get your kicks out of turning people who should logically hate you into mindless zombies who follow you around shouting your name.

 — Kaleel and William "Buck" Rogers discuss the dastardly nature of Kaleel's plan, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Planet of the Slave Girls"
  • Maj. Duke Danton and Capt. William "Buck" Rogers discuss what can be done to thwart Kaleel's plan. Danton believes that only a force can destroy the Scorpion fighters, before they launch from Vistula. Rogers agrees, and Danton lays out his plan of stealing a Scoprion, accelerating to translight velocity after launching to avoid the power leech, and returning to Earth to muster up an offense against Kaleel.
  • Rogers, in the meantime, stays to rescue Wilma Deering and they both wish the other luck, having reconciled their differences.
  • In the mountain, an alert sounds and Galen assumes the center console, detecting that someone is stealing one of their ships. Warden leaves some biting questions, noting that no one has survived a forced crash in the desert before.
  • Kaleel notes that the escape moves up his timetable for an attack on Earth. Endeavoring to surmise how the Terrans could have come across their fighters, she looks over Deering and sees a glint from her contamination detector bracelet, hidden by a torn piece of cloth from Deering's jumpsuit. Warden reveals it, surmising that it is a transmitter, even though Kaleel notes that it hardly matters: Deering share Ryma's fate and they'll be rulers of the Earth.
  • Warden retorts that there were two people in that crash, according to Julio, and the Scorpion fighter can only hold one pilot. The other party, she surmises, is looking for Deering and as such she takes the bracelet in order to set a trap.
  • Rogers finds the ground entrance to Kaleel's fortress inside of the mountain, and makes his way into the cave.
  • After exiting the stargate, Danton tells Dr. Elias Huer that, in no uncertain terms, he needs all of the pilots for his plan. Huer resists, noting that the Earth would be totally defenseless, but Danton does not relent: his plan for a decisive strike is the only thing that could protect the Earth. Huer notes that Dr. Mallory is a day away from an antidote, but that would be too late, and Huer relents. Dr. Theopolis, who is present, agrees with Danton's strategy. As Huer commits to mustering the last of Earth's fighting forces, Twiki "beety"s his inspiration to Theopolis, tells Huer that they'll see him on the flight deck, while also following up with a comment that he must be rubbing off on Twiki.
  • Rogers makes his way through the maze of halls, coming across the furnace room (only feeling the heat from the door) before moving onward while Ryma, awash in sweat and heat, suffers.
  • Rogers continues onward, falling into Warden's trap and, despite a temporary flight away from the guards, hits an invisible force field barrier that forces him to the ground, rendering him unconscious.
  • Danton makes his way to the flight deck, and asks Huer where the pilots are. Huer notes that they pilots are already assembled: there are six in total, including Maj. Fields and, lastly, Brigadier Gordon, who has come out of retirement for the mission. Gordon recognizes Danton, as Danton notes that he was instructed by Gordon on pulsar cannon at the academy fifteen years ago. Huer notes that none of the other pilots have recovered. Twiki and Theopolis arrive, with Theopolis noting that, as a designer of the Thunderfighter, he is capable of also using it with Twiki's assistance. As such, Theopolis has reprogrammed his inputs to take orders from Danton.
  • Danton agrees to take the ambuquads along, with Twiki replying, "Hot dog!"
  • Danton dismisses his fellow pilots, noting that they launch in five minutes.
  • Warden and a group of guards present Rogers to Kaleel, while Deering is still present off to the side of the room. She apologizes for her accidental role in setting the trap for Rogers, but Rogers is pleased to see her, asking if she is OK. She replies in the affirmative.
  • After introductions between Kaleel and Rogers are exchanged, Rogers asks after Ryma. Kaleel jubilantly notes that she's been put to death, and Rogers is restrained by two guards before he can retaliate.
  • Kaleel and Rogers discuss the merits of Kaleel's methodical, dastardly plan. Warden interjects saying that the Terrans should be put to death, and after Kaleel assures her that they'll meet the same fate as Ryma, he surmises that Danton will send a force from Earth back to Vistula to destroy the fighters on the ground. However, Kaleel has decided to launch his squadrons early, and while he concedes that his pilots are merely followers, they will be lead by the greatest military mind from Earth itself, Galen.
  • With bristling chagrin, Deering notes that they had heard Galen has sold his talents to those who could pay as of 7 years ago, but that he disappeared soon thereafter, and the Defense Directorate selfishly believed Galen had died. Galen smugly notes that he instead lives, and will spearhead a surprise against the Earth's remaining forces.
  • In New Chicago, Danton orders his squadron to punch in a course for 7X490, which will lead them towards the stargate and onto Vistula. With the other pilots already launched, Twiki celebrates his turn at launching by exclaiming "Geronimo!"

The time is now! The time has come for you to sail into battle and be victorious! Earth is about to fall victim to its own greed. Soon, you shall meet those who have exploited you for so long, and you shall defeat them! No longer shall you live in caverns and canyons. All Earth's wealth is yours for the taking! Having suffered so long at Saroyan's hand, you deserve the Earth!
Kaleel joins the body of the congregation, with Galen and Stella Warden behind him.
[gestures to Galen] Listen to Galen! Do what he says and don't be afraid. Only the weak are afraid. And as long as I am with you, as long as the Kiss of God is on your heads, you shall prevail!

  • As a loud choir of followers' chant "Kaleel!" repeatedly, three guards escort Wilma Deering and William "Buck" Rogers to the furnace. Rogers wryly quips that "Howdy Doody must be taking the stage again." The guards unshackle the two prisoners, and push them into the furnace room. Off to the side Ryma lies slumped over, and Deering rushes to check on her, relieved that she is still alive.
  • "Howdy Doody" takes the stage, rushing to engage his followers while Galen and Stella Warden follow him just short of the stage. Kaleel proclaims that "the time is now," and riles them up into a religious fervor before sending them off into battle against their "enemy," the people of Earth.
  • The sycophants scream Kaleel's name in repetitious ecstasy, including Leila, and Kaleel's hands glow vibrantly as they are raised in concert with his followers' hands.
  • 12 minutes from the stargate, the force heads to Vistula, with starfighter seven (piloted by Twiki and Dr. Theopolis) lagging behind and out of formation. Maj. Duke Danton chastises them for lagging behind, and Theopolis acquiesces noting that they'll adjust their course accordingly. Theopolis tells Twiki they've drifted two degrees starboard, and Twiki acknowledges with a "roger," prompting Twiki -- unawares of the term "roger" -- to ask Twiki "what about Rogers?"
  • In the furnace, Rogers surveys his situation and notes the water pipes suspended above them, as well as vents that are out of reach. Deering replies to Rogers inquiry, agreeing with him that they're likely water pipes pumped from underground springs, and that the open air vents lead to other rooms in order to provide heat. He surmises that the pipes are good and strong, and tells Deering of his plan to use the 25th century cherry bomb--pulled from one of the desert nomads after the fight at the campsite--to create enough lift for him to fly up into the air, and grab a pipe to reach the vent. After precariously walking across a lower, crusted-over pipe to the other side of the thermal mud pool, Rogers uses the helmet from the remains of a prisoner, using it to shield himself from the potential explosion as he sets the timer and plants the cherry bomb underneath.
  • The timer goes off and he is lifted into the air, grabbing a hold of the pipes nearest to a vent, and makes his way into said vent. He tells Deering to not go anywhere as he'll be right back, and crawls backwards into the depths of the vent. Deering attempts to keep Ryma conscious in the interim.
  • Kaleel's pilots, in full battle regalia, make their way to the large open swath of land where the Scorpion fighters are staged.
  • Julio arrives at Kaleel's command center, noting that Tabor Saroyan is ignorant and terribly upset at the sudden, inexplicable departure of the Defense Directorate honor guard from Earth.
  • Kaleel opens up a communication channel to Galen, where Galen ensures both Kaleel and his lieutenants that he'll keep them both informed and entertained during the battle to come. Galen notes that the screen at the center command post will allow them to monitor the battle up until they enter the stargate, beyond which it will be audio transmissions only.
  • Galen orders the launch of the Scorpions, and soon they flood the sky. Julio heads out while Kaleel and Warden await their good fortune.
  • Two minutes from the stargate, Danton reminds his pilots that they're to refrain from further transmissions after transiting through the stargate, so as to avoid detection. He asks for any questions and there are none.
  • Rogers returns with a rope and a large belt/band, handing them down to Deering and Ryma, who have too made it to the other side of the heated thermal mudpool. Ryma is lifted up first, with Deering following.
  • Danton instructs his pilots to enter in destination 4807K.
  • Deering is lifted out of the furnace room, climbing over Rogers through the air vent. Rogers comments that they should "get out of here," to which a fatigued Deering agrees.
  • After exiting Stargate 5, Danton's squadron comes across Kaleel's fighters, which have already been deployed. Theopolis tells Twiki that they've failed, and Twiki "beety"s a comment, to which Theopolis remarks: "For the first time, I agree with you, Twiki."
  • Deering and Rogers walk-carry Ryma out of the mountain fortress and into the open. They head towards the overlook where Rogers and Danton sighted the staged fighters, noting that there are only two fighters left. Deering suggests that they use the fighters to warn Danton, and Rogers agrees. After a discussion on fighting for their respective worlds, Ryma stays behind in order to convince the small resistance of nomads, who have been stealing small amounts of weapons and explosives over the last few months, to strike.
  • They bid her good luck and proceed to take the Scorpion fighters.
  • Danton breaks radio silence to his squadron given the change in their situation. He notes they could run back to Earth, but it would make no difference: they would have to fight Kaleel's armada anyway. Promising that they'll have one big fight on their hands, the Battle of Vistula begins.
  • After launching from Vistula, Rogers tells Deering that she didn't have to take out both of Kaleel's pilots. She attributes the act to enthusiasm, to which Rogers replies that he's "created a monster."
  • As Ryma re-enters the fortress, Galen chastises fighters 93 and 94 for going out of formation: the Scorpion fighters reveal themselves as being piloted by Rogers (93) and Deering (94). Rogers replies: "With all due respect, Galen, stick it." He also goes to irk Warden and Kaleel, after noting that they didn't care for the sauna, and Rogers mocks Warden: "You're so beautiful when you're angry."
  • Kaleel is unconcerned as he feels that their escape is inconsequential. Deering notes that Danton's squadron should be on vector 92.4, and so Rogers opens up communication to Danton. Maj. Fields believes it could be a trick, and so Danton asks Rogers who "The Juice" is. Rogers replies that this is a nickname for O.J. Simpson, and summarizes the football player's background, as Rogers told Danton back in the Sea of Stone. Danton brightens up and tells them to get his "butt in formation." Deering asks if that means her's as well, and Danton stumbles over himself; Twiki communicates to Rogers, leading to his confusion and Theopolis welcoming Rogers home.
  • Rogers explains the situation, and notes that Galen is the only one of consequence: if they can "sack the quarterback," the attack force would be in disarray and disperse. Danton recalls the earlier lecture, and notes that Rogers will be the one doing the "red dogging." Danton orders the squadron to listen to Rogers.
  • In Kaleel's command center, he mocks the Earth's offensive potential, noting their low numbers and placing his full faith in their overwhelming numbers, and in Galen.
  • The Thunderfighters begin opening fire and strike right down the middle of the squadron. Warden notes that the Earthers fight like "madmen," and Kaleel becomes concerned enough to order her to prepare his personal cruiser.
  • Ryma, hidden near Kaleel's throne alcove, overhears this to her pleasure.
  • Rogers tells Danton to watch his 2 o'clock, and Danton takes out the fighter. Theopolis asks for help, as they are being pursued; Brigadier Gordon dispatches the pursuers. Rogers compliments him on his "double teaming," and Gordon makes his introduction. Rogers asks if they had met elsewhere, and Gordon notes that they hadn't, as they're from "different times."
  • Ryma makes it to her small resistance cell, ultimately convincing them that the time to move is now, as the bulk of Kaleel's forces are otherwise engaged (and losing the battle) with Kaleel uncertain. They agree and begin their strike.
  • Warden returns noting that the personal craft is ready, and both watch the screen with rapt attention.
  • Twiki takes out a fighter, declaring: "Eat lead, sucker." Theopolis voices his confusion relating to the accuracy of the statement in relation to the pulsar cannon fire.
  • As the Scorpion fighters are in disarray, Danton notes that they are successful in making a hole to the quarterback. Rogers takes the opening, and Galen angrily accepts the challenge. Rogers and Galen fire at each other, and Galen is destroyed in a barrage of pulsar cannon fire.
  • In the command center, Kaleel screams out Galen's name angrily, and Warden notes that their fighter squadron is fracturing. Dismayed, Kaleel leaves the center to head to his cruiser, with Warden following.
  • Danton's fighter squadron regroups, with Rogers receiving congratulations on his 20th century battle strategy. Thankful, he then asks Gordon where he "learned to shoot like that," and Gordon replies that "he was doing that sort of thing" since before Rogers' birth. After Gordon assures him that he "knows so," Rogers tells the squadron that they have cleaning to do "downstairs" on Vistula, and head towards the planet.
  • Kaleel and Warden run into a wounded guard in a hallway, and the guard informs Galen that Ryma and others have used stolen weapons and explosives against them. Before crumpling to the floor, the guard tells Kaleel that the resistance group is coming for him, leaving Kaleel to wonder how it all went wrong.
  • Kaleel and Warden run through the corridor and into the chamber where Kaleel typically preached in the past. He is stopped by Rogers, Deering, with Ryma and her people soon descending upon the two.
  • In a last ditch effort to instill fear, he declares Rogers a dead man and attempts to use the Kiss of God upon his enemy. Ryma declares that Kaleel's power is impotent against those who do not believe in him, and Rogers surmises that even those who hated Kaleel feared him. Kaleel's power dissipates, and both Kaleel and Warden are captured. As the two are taken away, Rogers quips that he knows where they can get a good lawyer.
  • Back in New Chicago, the Saroyans, Ryma, Danton, Deering, Twiki, Theopolis and Rogers are assembled in Dr. Elias Huer's office. Tabor Saroyan, in a state of disbelief, notes that he will hand his resignation to the Food Directorate. After a discussion following Regis Saroyan's declaration that his father is doing the same thing he's always done, both son and future daughter-in-law commit to helping Tabor Saroyan right the issues on Vistula. Huer supports this course of action, believing that the planet is now in very good hands.
  • Deering, Rogers and Danton leave Huer's office, with Rogers noting that he feels like celebrating and asks Deering if she has any plans. She replies that she does -- with Danton. Rogers is brought aback by this admission, but Danton encourages Rogers to join them, and they continue down the corridor.


"Planet of the Slave Girls, Part II" title card on the syndicated version of the episode.
  • Originally aired as a 120-minute episode, but has been formatted as two 60-minute episodes in most subsequent re-airings for scheduling reasons. While many guides list it as a two-parter, its initial airing and release on DVD as one double-length episode should make this the official recognition.
  • In the scenes where Dr. Elias Huer and Col. Wilma Deering visit Regis Saroyan, and later when they make their way to Dr. Mallory's lab, Deering is wearing a gold wrist watch on her left wrist, over her uniform's sleeve. This fleeting appearance of the 20th century-looking timepiece is never explained, particularly as it is distinctly out-of-place with her entire uniform. It suggests that this is either a costuming error, or part of a sub-plot that was either reshot or discarded during production.
  • The use of guest star stunt casting, in the form of Buster Crabbe as Brigadier Gordon and Jack Palance as Kaleel for this installment, would continue throughout Season 1.
  • Recalling former officers from retirement, in the way of Brigadier Gordon, to tackle a threat against Earth would be a key story point in "Return of the Fighting 69th."
  • Some footage from Battlestar Galactica has been reused in this episode: at 43 minutes, the door that opens to release the transport shuttle with Wilma Deering and Ryma is the same seen by Boomer and Jolly in the episode "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I".


  • This episode introduces the four-seater Thunderfighter, which would act as a form of fighter/shuttle throughout Season 1.
  • Also introduced is the Scorpion fighter, which would primarily be used as an enemy vessel throughout Season 1.
  • A myriad of incorrect ship placements and re-used special effects fills this episode, which are referenced in the Eratta document.

Buck's Past


  • Earth's reliance on outside sources for vital supplies is an Achilles' heel that is continually exploited by enemies.
  • The fact that Earth has little knowledge of slavery (or indentured servitude) is discordant with facts around this episode, particularly when it seems abundant in the galaxy. It is not only exemplified by the subjects of the Draconian Empire, such as Ardala's handmaidens, but other direct examples of it exists in various later episodes. For instance:
  • The fact that Earth has a planetary defense shield is clearly ignored, as a force of starfighters -- even numbering 100 -- could be easily repelled by the shield, which is why Kane and Princess Ardala's Trojan horse gambit with Draconia had been so vital in "Awakening." With the shield in play, it would be more sensible to strike at Earth's weakest point: the supply fighters. Kaleel's pilots, lead by Galen, would use the fighter force to harass Earth's supply lines, which would be virtually unprotected due to the poisoning of Defense Directorate's pilot corps.
  • Carl continues the tradition of unique, abrasive personalities in relation to their human counterparts, in the same vein as Councilor Apol and Mr. DeBronin.



  • How did Kaleel come by his powers?
  • Is Kaleel truly of the Sea of Stone, or is he an off-worlder?
  • From what sources did Kaleel acquire his cache of weapons and Scorpion fighters?





  • Where did Wilma Deering get the gold wrist watch she carries, which seems out of place for her uniform?


Duke Danton and William "Buck" Rogers

If you call that interference, there's something wrong with your Funk & Wagnalls.
I don't know what you mean by that, but how'd you like to repeat that in the flight hangar?
I'd love to.

So you're Buck Rogers, huh?
Since the day I was born.
Danton addresses Deering, who is standing next to Rogers.
I beg your pardon, Colonel, but, uh, he's no captain.
That's not quite true, Duke. While Buck has formally declined to join the Defense Directorate, he does help us out on occasion.
Danton addresses Rogers.
"Declined to join"? Now, why would a big, brave hotshot like yourself do something like that?
[Rogers replies matter-of-factly] I didn't think I'd like the company.

Well, we'd better get on our survival gear on.
Yeah. Otherwise, we'll look like a couple of brown-and-serve rolls at sunset.

 — Duke Danton and William "Buck" Rogers after being forced down into the Sea of Stone by a power leech, (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls")

This thing itches like crazy.
Take it off if you don't mind getting third-degree sunburn.
You probably feel right at home wearing yours.
That's right.
I've seen pictures of people and how they dressed in your time.
Yeah, well, your half-baked 25th-century historians got things so messed up, they don't know the difference between a cowboy and a traffic cop.

 — Duke Danton and William "Buck" Rogers head towards Kaleel's fortress, following the signal from Wilma Deering's contamination detector, discussing their golden-colored survival suits, (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls")

Brigadier Gordon and William "Buck" Rogers

Hey, nice double-teaming over there, whoever you are.
Gordon's the name. Thanks.
Have we met, Gordon?
I don't think so, Captain. We're from different times.

 — Captain William Rogers and Brigadier Gordon during the Battle of Vistula, (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls")

Gordon, where'd you learn to shoot like that?
I've been doing that sort of thing since before you were born, Captain.
[surprised] You think so, huh?
Young man, I know so.

 — Captain William Rogers and Brigadier Gordon during the Battle of Vistula, (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls")

Twiki and Dr. Theopolis

Careful. Careful. The filament you're soldering is the precise weight and thickness as the one you're replacing. Be careful, Twiki. It was very difficult to make.
Get off my back!
I'm not on your back, Twiki. And please concentrate on what you're doing. If anything, I'm on your front, and I can't get off without your help. Where have you been coming up with such expressions?
My good buddy, Buck.
I should have known. It's hard to believe that Captain Rogers learned to speak on the same planet as the rest of us.

 — Dr. Theopolis and Twiki as they repair Carl, (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls")

We're next, Twiki. [the launch channel's lights run towards them] Here we go.
[hits the throttle] Geronimo!

 — Dr. Theopolis and Twiki take their first flight into a Thunderfighter (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls")

[spotting an enemy fighter in his sights] Eat lead, sucker!
Lead? What lead? Twiki, what are you talking about?

 — Twiki and Dr. Theopolis in a firefight during the Battle of Vistula, (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls")

William "Buck" Rogers and Wilma Deering

You ready?
Deering flips Rogers over her shoulder
How's that?
Fine. Just fine.
Not too hard?
No. Oh, no.
Maybe I shouldn't have asked you to teach me judo until you'd fully recover from teaching 20th-century battle strategy.

Other Quotes

I'm in danger! Assistance! Assistance! Danger. I am in danger. Assistance! Somebody come! Please! [Dr. Mallory arrives] Too late. Goodbye, Mallory. [Carl explodes]

 — Carl attempts to attract attention after Stella Warden plants an explosive device inside of Carl, (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls")

Hey, creep, I bet you wear that mask 'cause your face looks like it's been through a meteor shower!

 — William "Buck" Rogers as he and Duke Danton fight off nomads following their crash-landing in the Sea of Stone, (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls")

If you're listening, Kaleel, the three of us would just like to say we didn't care much for the sauna.
That's Rogers!
Ah, Stella. You're so beautiful when you're angry.

 — William "Buck" Rogers after escaping from the pit, (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls")




  • Directed by Michael Caffey
  • Teleplay by Steve Greenberg, Aubrey Solomon and Anne Collins
  • Story by Steve Greenberg and Aubrey Solomon
  • Produced by Jock Gaynor, Medora Heilbron, Bruce Lansbury, Glen A. Larson, David J. O'Connell and David G. Phinney
  • Music by Johnny Harris
  • Cinematography by Ben Colman
  • Film Editors - Michael Berman and Leon Ortiz-Gil
  • Casting - Phil Benjamin
  • Art Directors - Fred Luff III and Paul Peters
  • Set Decorators - Victor Hugo and Frank Lombardo
  • Costume Designer - Sal Anthony


  • Harker Wade - Unit Production Manager


  • Bob Bender - First Assistant Director
  • Gerald T. Olson - Second Assistant Director


  • Jerry Allen - Model Builder
  • Ted Wilson - Carpenter (uncredited)


  • Earl Crain, Jr. - Sound
  • Dick Wahrman - Sound Effects Editor


  • Chuck Arrigo - Special Effects Coordinator (uncredited)


  • Peter Anderson - Visual Effects Supervisor: Universal Hartland
  • David M. Garber - Miniature Effects
  • Wayne Smith - Miniature Effects


  • Bob Bralver - Stunts (uncredited)


  • Gary Armstrong - Assistant Camera
  • Kenneth Hale - First Assistant Camera


  • Johnny Harris - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)
  • Stu Phillips - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)


  • Alan Brennert - Story Editor
  • Anne Collins - Story Consultant
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