Space Rockers

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Space Rockers
Season 1, Episode 21
BR25 - Space Rockers - Title screencap.png
Air date February 21, 1980
Written by Chris Bunch
Allan Cole
Directed by Guy Magar
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"Space Rockers" is the twenty-first episode of the 1st season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.


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William "Buck" Rogers becomes involved with a futuristic rock group named Andromeda when a series of riots break out at all of their concerts. Buck's investigation finds that the band's manager, Lars Mangros, has been secretly encoding the group's music with behavior-altering sounds that create the riots. Buck is forced to convince Andromeda not to play at galactic-wide broadcast from the space station Musicworld, to prevent Mangros from causing chaos throughout the galaxy.


  • The song Andromeda plays during this episode is actually a song called "Odyssey, Part 1" by Johnny Harris.  It was released as a 7" vinyl single in 1980.  The B-side was an alternate version called "Odyssey, Part 2".



  • Directed by Guy Magar
  • Written by Chris Bunch and Allan Cole
  • Produced by Jock Gaynor, Tim King, Bruce Lansbury, Glen A. Larson and David J. O'Connell
  • Music by Johnny Harris
  • Cinematography by Frank Thackery
  • Film Editor - Howard B. Anderson
  • Casting - Simon Ayer
  • Art Directors - Fred Luff III and Bill Taliaferro
  • Set Decorator - Frank Lombardo
  • Costume Designer - Al Lehman

  • Charles E. Walker - Unit Production Manager

  • Alan Crosland, Jr. - First Assistant Director
  • Gerald T. Olson - Second Assistant Director

  • Jerry Allen - Model Builder
  • Ted Wilson - Carpenter (uncredited)

  • Earl Crain, Jr. - Sound
  • Dick Wahrman - Sound Effects Editor

  • Chuck Arrigo - Special Effects Coordinator

  • Peter Anderson - Visual Effects Supervisor: Universal Hartland
  • David M. Garber - Miniature Effects
  • Wayne Smith - Miniature Effects

  • Gary Armstrong - Assistant Camera
  • Kenneth Hale - First Assistant Camera

  • Barry Downing - Costume Supervisor: Gil Gerard

  • Glen A. Larson - Composer: Theme Music
  • Herbert D. Woods - Music Editor
  • Johnny Harris - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)
  • Stu Phillips - Composer: Theme Music (uncredited)

  • Rob Gilmer - Story Editor

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