Klosef III

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The term Klosef redirects here due to currently available information regarding this species and its apparent homeworld.

Klosef III is a planet known to the Earth Federation in the 25th century.

Klosef III's inhabitants are humanoids with a purple-blue skin and platinum hair, giving them an ethereal appearance. According to Maj. Marla Landers in an off-hand comment to William "Buck" Rogers on Sinaloa, the male of the species has a feminine appearance, and in an off-hand question by Tangie to Rogers, implying that the women have a masculine appearance (BR25: "Vegas in Space").

Klosef III is known for its fashion, at least according to Twiki, after Rogers reflects that his tuxedo suit is more in line with the 20th century, and thus "outdated" (BR25: "Cruise Ship to the Stars").