Efram Asimov

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Efram Asimov
Efram Asimov
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Introduced Time of the Hawk
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Role Commanding Officer, Searcher
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Portrayed by Jay Garner
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Efram Asimov in the separate continuity
Efram Asimov in the primary continuity
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[impatiently] You listen to me, kettle belly: this is Admiral Asimov. You get up here to the bridge now!
Oh, very well, Admiral. By robotic law conceived by some distant and overweening ancestor of yours, also named Asimov, I am obliged to obey your commands. However, this is an appalling inconvenience.

 — Adm. Asimov and Crichton aboard Searcher, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Time of the Hawk"

Admiral Efram Asimov is the commanding officer of the Earth Defense Directorate starship Searcher in 2492 CE.

Asimov's lineage is traceable to that of Issac Asimov, a science fiction author known for inventing the Three Laws of Robotics (BR25: "Time of the Hawk").