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Introduced Time of the Hawk
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Role Head Scientist, Searcher
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Portrayed by Wilfrid Hyde-White
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Goodfellow in the separate continuity
Goodfellow in the primary continuity

Goodfellow, you built that irritating pile of junk. Can't you build some respect for authority into him?
I'm afraid not, Admiral. It appears that Crichton doesn't believe I constructed him.
He doesn't what?
[chuckles] He finds it inconceivable that anything human had a hand in his creation.
I don't think I believe what I'm hearing.
Well, his life span is virtually unlimited; his factual knowledge far exceeds that of any of us; and he is, I'm afraid, just a trifle contemptuous of human frailties, to which he's not subject.

 — Admiral Efram Asimov and Dr. Goodfellow aboard Searcher, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Time of the Hawk"

Dr. Goodfellow is a scientist assigned to the starship Searcher in 2492 CE.

In his role aboard Searcher, Goodfellow offers scientific counsel to Admiral Efram Asimov and oversight of scientific operations of Earth Defense Directorate's officers. Also accompanying him Crichton, a robotic artificial intelligence of seemingly infinite knowledge and wisdom—who disbelieves that Goodfellow, much less any human, could have created it (BR25: "Time of the Hawk").