Elias Huer

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Elias Huer
Elias Huer
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Portrayed by Tim O'Connor
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Elias Huer in the separate continuity
Elias Huer in the primary continuity
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How do you do, Captain Rogers? My name's Dr. Huer. I'm very pleased to meet you.
Just what's going on? Where am I and what are you doing to me?
Well, we're studying you. It's all electronic and painless. But so far we're as boggled as you are by what's happened. But your testing is producing the most phenomenal data.
Terrific. Well, what is happening? If I'm dead, I obviously didn't make it to heaven. So, just what planet is this?
What planet? Oh, it's Earth, of course. You returned as your mission required to almost the precise landing area originally programed into your ship.
Uh-huh. Uh, look, Doc. Now, I've been through a lot. But there is no way you can tell me that that city out there is anything like Chicago.
No, it isn't. There's nothing like Chicago left on Earth.

Dr. Elias Huer is the leader of the Earth Defense Directorate in 2491 CE, working on behalf of the Computer Council.

In his role, Huer participates pivotal events of a political nature, fostering bonds between Earth and other societies.


Early in his life, Huer and Ted Warwick were friends at the Earth Defense Directorate academy, and their relationship continued on into 2491 CE, when it eventually broke under the strain of Warwick's betrayal of Earth to Pantera (BR25: "Unchained Woman").

In 2476 CE, Huer assigns Lt. Traeger of the Space Exploration Division to investigate an area near a previously unknown planet, later known as Olvion, where Traeger is shot down and imprisoned on trumped up charges of espionage. Traeger later escapes in 2491, bent on seeking revenge on Huer, only to be thwarted by William "Buck" Rogers (BR25: "Happy Birthday, Buck").