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Tigerman #1 (Duke Butler) (BR25Film, "Awakening")
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Introduced Awakening
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Role Bodyguard for Princess Ardala, Draconian Empire
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Portrayed by Duke Butler (BR25Film, "Awakening")
H.B. Haggerty (BR25Film, "Awakening", "Escape from Wedded Bliss", "Ardala Returns")
Additional Information
Tigerman in the separate continuity
Tigerman in the primary continuity

Tigerman was the main bodyguard for Princess Ardala when William "Buck" Rogers returned to Earth in 2491.

Tigerman was described by Kane as also being an eunuch (BR25: "Awakening").

He was temporarily assigned to one of Ardala's sisters, possibly in exchange for Pantherman (BR25: "Flight of the War Witch").