Ranger 3

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Ranger 3
[[Image:{{{image}}}|275px|Ranger 3]]
Race: Terran, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (c. 1987 CE)
Type: Deep Space Probe
Propulsion: Chemical rockets
Crew: 1 person
Capacity: 1 person
CO: Capt. William "Buck" Rogers
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Ranger 3 in the separate continuity
Ranger 3 in the primary continuity

Ranger 3 (also known as Flight 711[1]) is the space shuttle probe used by Captain William "Buck" Rogers for his six month exploration of the Solar System in 1987.

An unforeseen malfunction aboard results in Ranger 3 going off-course, while freezing its life-support systems and preserving Rogers. Ranger 3's trajectory takes him outside of the Solar System on a trip that returns him to Earth in the year 2491—over 500 years (BR25Film, "Awakening", "The Guardians", "Testimony of a Traitor").

A Draconian Hatchet fighter intercepts and recovers Ranger 3 on its return trajectory, and by the order of Princess Ardala reanimate Rogers, hoping to use him in their plans to conquer Earth. After debriefing him, the Draconians send him towards Earth unawares of his interception. He heads to Earth, and his communications are received by Earth's Delta Sector tracking controller and, subsequently, Col. Wilma Deering and her squadron intercept Ranger 3, bringing him through the narrow security corridor to the Inner Cities for capture and interrogation (BR25Film, "Awakening").



  1. When William "Buck" Rogers attempts to reach out to Houston Control, he refers to his flight thusly.