Noah Cooper

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Noah Cooper
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Birth Date Sometime between 2406-07 CE[1]
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Introduced Return of the Fighting 69th
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Role Leader, 69th Earth Space Marine Squadron (24??-2490 CE)
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Portrayed by Peter Graves
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Noah Cooper in the separate continuity
Noah Cooper in the primary continuity
[[Image:|200px|Noah Cooper]]

Colonel Deering's father flew with Noah's Earth Space Marine Squadron, and Noah was her first flight instructor. He was very helpful to her in the early stages of her career. Helped to develop her. They formed a very deep bond of friendship. And then the squadron got old; Noah got old. Last year she had to give them their annual physical fitness test, and she had to fail them, all of them, including Noah.

 — Dr. Elias Huer briefs William "Buck" Rogers on Cooper and the "Fighting 69th", (BR25: "Return of the Fighting 69th")

Major Noah Cooper is a retired flight instructor and leader of the Earth Defense Directorate's 69th Earth Space Marine Squadron.

Wilma Deering's father flew with Cooper and, as such, Wilma Deering herself glommed onto Cooper and the 69th, earning her the nickname of "Dizzy Dee" (shorter for "Dizzy Deering") as she would make everyone dizzy with her rambunctiousness.

As she grew older and, eventually, landed in the position of commander of the Defense Directorate's forces, she found herself unwilling to make exceptions on the 69th's continued active status, failing the surviving members of the 69th, including Cooper, in 2490 CE. For Cooper, he was removed from service due to his peripheral vision being "shot."

In 2491 CE, as a result of Commander Corliss' theft of 500-year old nerve gas slated for destruction, and the fact that the survivors of the 69th Squadron are the only ones with first hand knowledge of the Necrosis asteroid belt (wherein Corliss' hideout at Necrosis IV resides), Deering and William "Buck" Rogers approach Cooper for his knowledge. This event fell on his surprise birthday party, concocted by the surviving members of the 69th, and Cooper declares before said assemblage that he'll help—only on the condition that all members of the 69th are reinstated and their Silver Eagles returned to them. Deering initially refuses, but is overruled by Dr. Elias Huer, and they come out of retirement to temporary duty, pending the full outcome of the Attack on Necrosis IV (BR25: "Return of the Fighting 69th").


  1. Wilma Deering notes that he is almost at the Defense Directorate's mandatory retirement age.