Female Pilot

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Female Pilot
Female Pilot
At the lecture for 20th century battle strategy.
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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
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Role Traniee, Defense Directorate
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Portrayed by Diane Markoff
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Female Pilot in the separate continuity
Female Pilot in the primary continuity
Female Pilot
At the Battle of Vistula.

An unnamed notable female cadet is an Earth Defense Directorate trainee in 2491 CE, undergoing instruction by Maj. Duke Danton.

During William "Buck" Rogers's lecture on 20th century battle strategy, she asks Rogers what he meant by "sacking the quarterback," which lead to a demonstration that dishevels the training room.

Later, she is one of the few pilots available for Maj. Danton's strike force that participates in the offensive known as the Battle of Vistula (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").


  • The credit for this character is given as "Female Pilot." No specific name is provided in the dialogue.