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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
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Role Scientist, Science Directorate
Species Human
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Portrayed by Macdonald Carey
Additional Information
Mallory in the separate continuity
Mallory in the primary continuity

Mallory is a member of the Earth Science Directorate in 2491 CE.

With his assistants Stella Warden and ambuquad Carl, they determine the source of the infection that spread through the Defense Directorate pilot corps: food discs originating from Vistula.

Mallory and Carl have a contentious relationship, where Carl notably condescends to Mallory's rather fatherly personality. Mallory, an optimist, believes in Carl's ability to find a means to remedy the poisoning from the deliberately-tainted food discs. Mallory, ever the trusting sort, leaves Carl alone with Warden while Carl processes a nitrogen breakdown of the samples, which ends up being deleterious to the program to treat the poisoned pilots as Warden uses the opportunity to sabotage Carl and flee Earth to her true master, Kaleel.

Mallory becomes despondent with the loss of Carl, and is summarily surprised after Twiki (with Dr. Theopolis' assistance) effect repairs on Carl, effectively resurrecting his cantankerous and disparaging research ambuquad (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").