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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
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Role Pilot, Defense Directorate
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Portrayed by Sheila Wills
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Fields in the separate continuity
Fields in the primary continuity

Maj. Fields is a Earth Defense Directorate pilot in 2491 CE.

Fields is one of the few pilots who were avoided being poisoned from Kaleel's tainted food discs, and is sent along with Col. Wilma Deering, Maj. Duke Danton and Capt. William "Buck" Rogers, as an honor guard to return Regis Saroyan to Vistula.

After Rogers recovers evidence of the poison being introduced via the packaging material of the food crates at Processing Plant 347, Fields is given the evidence and successfully returns to Earth, furnishing the evidence to Dr. Elias Huer for testing.

Later, Danton returns to Earth by means of a Scorpion fighter from Kaleel's forces, warning Huer of an impending attack. Danton, Fields, Brigadier Gordon (out of retirement) and a few other unaffected pilots—including Dr. Theopolis and Twiki—fly to Vistula to head off the hundred-plus Scorpions (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").