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Introduced Awakening
Death Killed in action, Pirate Attack on Draconia, c. 2491 CE
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Role Pilot, Third Force of the Earth Directorate
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Portrayed by Colleen Kelly
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Wrather in the separate continuity
Wrather in the primary continuity

Wingman, bandit, 12 o'clock high.
"12 o'clock" what?
Lieutenant Wrather, disregard. Captain Rogers, get off the air! Our combat computers are way ahead of you.
Well, yeah, Colonel, but if your combat computers don't do something pretty fast, your Lieutenant Wrather will be fin... [Wrather's ship is destroyed]

 — William "Buck" Rogers, Lt. Wrather, and Col. Wilma Deering during a "pirate" attack on Draconia, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Awakening"

Lt. Wrather is a pilot in Col. Wilma Deering's Third Force of the Earth Directorate in 2491 CE.

Despite William "Buck" Rogers's assistance--unwanted and repeated admonished by Deering--over the pilot's communication channel, Wrather is not able to handle a "pirate" fighter during the faux "pirate" attack on Draconia (BR25Film, "Awakening").


  • Colleen Kelly is credited only in the theatrical release.
  • In the subtitles for the Kino Lorber 2020 CE release, the character's name is misspelled twice as "Rather" and "Weatherly." The spelling for the name in this article is derived directly from the theatrical release's end credits.