Regis Saroyan

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Regis Saroyan
Regis Saroyan
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Birth place Vistula
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Introduced Planet of the Slave Girls
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Marital Status Romantically involved with Ryma
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Role Pilot, Earth Defense Directorate
Species Human
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Portrayed by Michael Mullins
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Regis Saroyan in the separate continuity
Regis Saroyan in the primary continuity
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Regis Saroyan is the son of Governor Tabor Saroyan from planet Vistula.

Unable to affect any change to the Vistulan political system via his father, he joins the Earth Defense Directorate to be trained as a pilot in 2491 CE. During his training by Major Duke Danton in their Thunderfighters, both he and the Major are attacked by pirates' Hatchet fighters, themselves quickly dispatched by William "Buck" Rogers and Colonel Wilma Deering following their return via Stargate 4.

As with other EDD pilots, Saroyan falls ill due to the consumption of contaminated food disks, necessitating his return home to Vistula—coincidentally the source of the deliberate contamination—by Danton, Deering, Rogers, and Major Fields.

Saroyan and a Vistulan nomad, Ryma, rekindle their romantic association upon his return, and Saroyan resumes his attempts at freeing the nomads who are under Kaleel's spell, despite his father's blissful ignorance of Kaleel's machinations. This reaches to a head after Kaleel is overthrown and Tabor Saroyan attempts to tender his resignation to the Food Directorate, which Regis Saroyan talks him out of; the elder Saroyan realizes that he's always listened to Julio, Kaleel's sycophantic stooge, and elects to begin listening to his son and new daughter-in-law-to-be, Ryma (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").