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The human species, also referred to by the term Terran, are bi-pedaled sentient primates originating from the planet Earth.

In the events that transpired in the known universe up to the 25th century, humans have been a prolific race in the cosmos. Even before viable space travel was reestablished in the 25th century, humanity spread out into the known universe, colonizing various planets including:

Humans have spread out and defected to various extra-terrestrial agencies whose interests are not aligned with their parent-world, including the Draconian Empire (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Divergent human species exist in the 25th century, altered by environmental conditions of their homeworlds, ranging from the ability to walk through solid matter, telekinesis, extra-sensory powers, transmutation, as well as the ability to fly.

Humans are susceptible to other external influences that can alter a human's physiology, including "zombification" by the mythical Vorvon (BR25: "Space Vampire") or viruses (BR25: "The Satyr").