Draconian soldier

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The Draconian solider is a catch-all description of personnel who are pilots, crew and infantry of the Draconian Empire.

They are often dressed in a uniform mirroring that of a Samurai from the medieval and early-modern eras of Japan, with a mixed Dō-maru and medieval revival style of kabuto helmet being worn. This helmet also featured an additional eye-wear piece often worn by soldiers.

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Behind the Scenes

The costume's hard parts for the torso and wrist armor were typically made using a combination of fiberglass and thermoformed plastic, and then painted to emulate a gold metal appearance.

Due to their use, many complete pieces rarely survived the shooting of the series, and few have managed to end up in 3rd party hands.

In 2014, Hake's Auctions sold an incomplete set of Draconian torso armor for $638.82 USD (including 15% buyer's premium).[1]

In 2020, Hanlin Auction Service listed a Draconian soldier's outfit—sans helmet or props—consisting a mix of original and replica parts. Replica components include rope, belt, and pants that were made to complete the display.[2]

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