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Race: Draconian Empire
Type: Star fortress-class capital ship
CO: Princess Ardala
XO: Kane
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Weapons: Various offensive and defensive weapons
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Aircraft: Numerous Hatchet fighters
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Fate: Destroyed above Earth, 2491 CE
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Additional Information
Information on Draconia filming model
Draconia in the separate continuity
Draconia in the primary continuity

For information on the model, see: Draconia (model).

Draconia is the flagship of the Draconian Empire in 2491 CE. The ship is one of many of King Draco's star fortresses.


While on a fake mission of peace to Earth, Princess Ardala and the ship's commander, Kane, use Draconia to launch Hatchet fighters to disrupt the Earth's food supply lines. This faux peace, along with the deployment of Hatchet fighters, is a prelude to invasion.

En route to Earth, Hatchet fighters intercept Ranger 3 and its preserved occupant, Captain William "Buck" Rogers, bringing the 500 year old relic to Draconia. After reviving and debriefing the occupant, as well as fitting the ship with a microtransmitter, Ranger 3 and Rogers depart from Draconia en route to Earth.

After arriving on Earth, Ardala offers Draconia to the Earth's people as a token of goodwill, claiming it to have the newest and greatest in technologies from the Draconian realm.

After taking advantage of Ardala's desires of power and conquest, Rogers is able to infiltrate the ship. He discovers that the ship is not unarmed as per the Draconian's agreement with the Earth Defense Directorate, carrying the very "pirate" fighters that have harassed the Earth's transport ways. Having a thirst for power, and humiliated by Rogers' clear deceit, Ardala orders Kane to ready Draconia for an all out attack against Earth.

After placing explosive munitions in the "tailpipes" of the Hatchet fighters, Rogers is able to incapacitate Draconia's fighter forces, thus permitting the Defense Directorate to take the offensive against Draconia. The ship is subsequently destroyed, thus thwarting the Draconian Empire's plans (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Other Draconia-type star fortresses are later used by Princess Ardala, suggesting that this is a primary ship class in the Draconian Empire's fleet (BR25: "Escape from Wedded Bliss", "Ardala Returns", "Flight of the War Witch").


As a star fortress, it bristles with an unspecified plethora of firepower, including squadrons of Hatchet fighters (BR25Film, "Awakening").

This aggressive, majestic craft colored in bathed in dark reds, with the ship's outer hull festooned with a variety of golden onion dome structures, giving the ship's hull a distinctive asymmetrical appearance.

In addition to a two-pronged "fork" like mandible at the front of the ship, the ship is known for a distinctive "cobra-head" bridge hovering amidships.



Draconia's bridge is the nerve center of the ship, featuring a standard repertoire of consoles, viewports, and the like (BR25: "Awakening").

Launch Bays

The launch bays stow small crafts for storage, as well as provide a maintenance and embarkation area for pilots to enter their crafts.

Launch Channels

Snub superiority fighter crafts, such as the Hatchet fighter, are deployed via launch channels—irregular pentagon-shaped tubes connected to an interior launch bay deeper within the ship. They exit from the underside of Draconia's belly (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Landing Bays

Smaller crafts are received in a landing bay.

In the case of Ranger 3, a tractor beam is employed to bring the unpowered relic aboard (BR25: "Awakening").

Ardala's Chamber

Princess Ardala's chamber is quartered aboard, featuring various amenities of opulence, including a large bed, make-up station and even a walk-in bath. These chambers feature a recessed floor from the main entry (BR25: "Awakening").

Ardala's Launch Bay

Princess Ardala's launch is dispatched from the front bay, between the center forward "fork" head of the ship (BR25Film, "Awakening").