Ardala's launch

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Ardala's launch
Ardala's launch
Race: Draconian Empire
Type: Personal launch of Princess Ardala
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Additional Information
Information on Ardala's launch filming model
Ardala's launch in the separate continuity
Ardala's launch in the primary continuity

For information on the model, see: Ardala's launch (model).

Ardala's launch is the personal craft of Princess Ardala of the Draconian Empire in 2491 CE.


While on a fake mission of peace to Earth, Princess Ardala, shuttles herself and her bodyguard, Tigerman, to and from Draconia.

The launch is used to ferry Ardala to Earth to attend a reception celebrating the trade treaty with the Empire, before it is proven to be false. Believing William "Buck" Rogers to be sincere in his desire to capitulate to her carnal and power-hungry desires, he is invited to board the launch at midnight following the event; Twiki and Dr. Theopolis stowaway in a freezer compartment aboard the craft, adhering to their orders to stick close to Rogers.

Following the preemptive attack on Earth, Kane readies the craft so that both he and Ardala can escape, so that Ardala can answer for the failure. They escape Draconia, heading towards Emperor Draco's fleet in the launch before Draconia succumbs to the two-pronged Terran attack (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Ardala makes use of this craft, or a similar one, in later encounters (BR25: "Escape from Wedded Bliss", "Ardala Returns", "Flight of the War Witch").


Variants of this craft exist, having been used for various Earth shuttle craft (BR25: "Space Vampire", "Flight of the War Witch, Part I").