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New Chicago during the day (BR25Film, "Awakening").

New Chicago (also referred to as either the Inner City or one of the Inner Cities) is one of a number of cities constructed on Earth, after humanity began to recover from the nuclear holocaust of 1987 CE. It is located near the vicinity of Chicago, although the ruins of Old Chicago are known as "Anarchia."

In 2491 CE, New Chicago boasts a population of ten million people (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City, Part I"), and is home of the Earth Defense Directorate and, like other cities, overseen and administrated by the Computer Council (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Reliance on Outside Sources

Food and water requirements for the city are provided by other planets, as Earth's ecosystem itself is incapable of providing such requirements (BR25Film, "Awakening"). The planet Vistula is known for providing foodstuffs in food disc form, and food discs poisoned by Kaleel's sycophants incapacitates twenty-five thousand people, hitting the Directorate pilot corps the hardest (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls").

Power needs for New Chicago are provided by a Contra-Terrene (antimatter) generating plant located in the wasteland, just outside the city (BR25: "The Plot to Kill a City").



  • Many close up shots of the buildings of the city, outside of the city paintings, are footage of derelict buildings from Expo 67's United Kingdom Pavilion[1].
  • It is unspecified if the population includes ambuquads.


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