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Uh, Buck, having a tree in here with a bucket of dirt, is there any purpose in it?
Well, sure, it's a natural, living, growing thing. It takes the antiseptic edge off this place, as do those chairs, that peppermill, the tablecloth.
[Deering looks around, then:] Where did you get all these things?
Dr. Junius at the archives was kind enough to lend me most of it. He's a nice man, a little mixed up on his history, [goes to pick up a hanging stained glass lamp from the table] but I didn't have the heart to tell him that this lamp was not an electric salad bowl. The other things Twiki helped me make. It's organic, you know, it gives the place a nice, warm, homey feeling. I like it. [Dr. Huer and Deering are speechless, uncertain as to how to continue the conversation] All right, come on, come on. Drop that 25th century mind-over-emotion stuff. Deep down inside, you really like this place, don't you, huh?
[Deering and Huer in unison] No.

 — Dr. Elias Huer, William "Buck" Rogers and Col. Wilma Deering on Rogers' choice of decor, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century's "Awakening"

Rogers' apartment[1] in the 25th century is located in New Chicago.

Dr. Theopolis (with Twiki) introduce William "Buck" Rogers to a technological marvel with all the amenities of a VIP. During his acclimation to 25th century life, Theopolis points out the following amenities:

Additionally, the apartment comes with a fold-out dining area (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Rogers finds the accommodations to be too automated for his taste, and begins decorating it with 20th century flourishes to make it more "homey," including a dining room table and chairs, various house plants, a naturalistic wood coffee table, and other 20th century implements. These things are either borrowed from Dr. Junius' archives or made by Twiki. Upon visiting Rogers, both Dr. Elias Huer and Col. Wilma Deering make him an offer to officially join the Earth Defense Directorate, which he refuses out of fear of setting down roots and the potential of losing it again; upon leaving, a brief conversation between the trio reveals, when pressed by Rogers himself, that Rogers' taste in redecorating isn't to either Deering's or Huer's liking (BR25: "Awakening").

Slumber Chamber

Rogers' apartment is fitted with a slumber chamber, voice activated and featuring the latest in technology that continuously monitors autonomic nervous system. The mattress is temperature controlled, with air cushion support automatically changing depending on the needs of its user. Once activated, the bed activates and a dome like bubble flips out of a semi-circular slot at the headboard.

Prior to leaving for Anarchia, Rogers goes to sleep in the slumber chamber, soon falling to sleep despite his professed anxiety due to the chamber's autonomic features (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Centrex Audiovisual Stimulation Center

In another room near the apartment entrance, a Centrex audiovisual stimulation center capable of seating four persons allows Rogers to access the latest in entertainments, fashions, and other information he will need to acclimate to the new world. It is voice activated by the phrase "enlighten me," and features both voice and manual controls (BR25Film, "Awakening").

Dining Area

An automated dining monolith[1] is in the center room, featuring two fold-out seats that flank a fold-out table when activated by controls on the left of the fire-engine red monolith (BR25Film, "Awakening"). It also features a two-way communications screen (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls", "A Blast for Buck").

When redecorating his apartment following the destruction of Draconia, Rogers later paints eyes with eye-glasses and a smiley face under the "nose" of the fold-out table in yellow paint, intending not to make use of it as he has acquired a 20th century table with red-and-white checkered table cover (BR25: "Awakening"). This artwork is temporary, lasting only briefly (BR25: "Planet of the Slave Girls") until it is later removed (BR25: "Vegas in Space").

Living Area

A general living area also exists within the center body of the room, off to the opposing side of the dining area.

When William "Buck" Rogers first obtains possession of the room, individual bean-style chairs are present (BR25Film, "Awakening"). These are later supplanted by a couch, single chair, and a naturalistic wood coffee table (BR25: "Awakening").


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