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Introduced Awakening
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Parents Emperor Draco, father
Siblings 29 sisters
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Role Princess, Draconian Empire
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Portrayed by Pamela Hensley
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Ardala in the separate continuity
Ardala in the primary continuity

I may be a Draconian princess, but I still have feelings. If I told you that I'd adjusted to the idea that our relationship was one-sided, that your feelings for me would never be as intense as my feelings for you, would you simply be my consort?
Not your husband?
Not your slave?
No, Buck. Never.
I'm sorry. I can't.
But how can you reject me? I'm a Draconian princess. Buck! Look at me! Am I so horrible? Am I not beautiful enough for you?
You're one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen.
Then why can't you love me?

Princess Ardala is a member of the Draconian Empire's royal family. She is the oldest of the thirty daughters of the Draconian Emperor Draco (BR25Film, "Awakening"), and — apparently — the only one who isn't married (BR25Film, "Awakening", "Escape from Wedded Bliss").

Ardala attempts to establish a name for herself by leading the Draconian star fortress Draconia on a deceptive "peace mission" to Earth, launching the very pirates in newly-developed Hatchet fighters capable of thwarting Thunderfighter combat computers (BR25Film, "Awakening", "Vegas in Space"). Kane, an expat of Earth, attempts to use Ardala for his own aims, but Ardala continually rebukes his advances (BR25Film, "Awakening", "Escape from Wedded Bliss", "Ardala Returns").

Ardala's Bucking for Rogers

Upon the Draconian's discovery of William "Buck" Rogers and his primitive space craft Ranger 3, both five centuries removed from their time, she grows more intrigued and interested in this man. Much to Kane's understandable chagrin, he attempts to dissuade her from pursuing Rogers, using him as an unwitting pawn by planting a microtransmitter into Ranger 3's navigational equipment to determine the corridors used by the Defense Directorate. Kane continually plies her with information on Rogers' fate, reiterating that he is as good as dead following the Computer Council's edict vis a vis the microtransmitter. That is up until Rogers comes aboard with Col. Wilma Deering's envoy from the Third Force of the Earth Directorate, in order to verify the veracity of Rogers' story regarding his encounter and subsequent awakening by the Draconians.

Impressed with how Rogers was able to single-handedly "save" them from the trap she had earlier set, she requests the Council make Rogers available for the forthcoming reception so that she may extend her personal gratitude. During the reception and after party celebrating the new treaty between the Draconians and the Earth, Ardala finds herself beguiled by Rogers, who admits that he is stuck between two worlds: considering that the Directorate believes him to be a privateer himself. After being introduced to a new form of dancing, called "getting down," she extends an invitation to Rogers to join her aboard her private launch, which leaves at midnight following the ceremony. Before things progress further, an enraged Kane attempts to remind her of her "place" in the Draconian Royalty, noting that the "needs of the Realm come first," thus ending the meeting.

Rogers joins her aboard her launch, and she confesses her desires to have a man like Rogers at her side, so that they may dethrone her father, put her sisters in their place, and rule the galaxy as Emperor and Empress. Rogers uses this to his advantage, drugging her drink with relaxants before relations digress into those of a carnal nature. Much to Kane's dismay, Rogers reveals his use of Ardala's desires to board Draconia to thwart their plans, but is cowed by her later insistence to begin the attack on Earth (despite Draco's forces being some considerable distance away), after calling into question Kane's manhood and authority. This bid fails, thwarted by the unlikely trio of Rogers, Dr. Theopolis and Twiki—with assistance from Col. Deering and various Thunderfighter squadrons—and Kane rescues her from the ill-fated Draconia so that she may answer to her father personally (BR25Film, "Awakening").